Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The art of staying calm

 The art of staying calm!

After repeatedly coming across these kind of posts, I was urged to write something on these lines .

There’s no ready manual.

Some thoughts gathered by me, over the course of my life. Life lessons learnt surreptitiously!

The best way is to do what your heart feels like.

Pressure mounts up when we are leading a life of innumerable expectations, putting ourselves on high pedestals of expectations.

Believe that you are doing your best.

Do not compare yourselves to others.

Each journey is different!

Each’s path is different!

Endeavour always to do your best!

Leave the rest!

There will be shortfalls, failures in life.

But do not let that be hard on yourself!

Enjoy the journey!

Do not live life by a series of check lists!

Live it by heartfelt moments!

Things that make your soul and heart sing joyously!


We are here for a limited time!

Don’t waste it only trying to be in the race.

Learn to take a pause!

Let go!

Live for yourself at times!

Positivity and calm are the biggest supporters which take you through the storms of life smoothly!

Always be there for others.

In whichever capacity you can be!



Relax !

Enjoy the Ride!

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