Sunday, April 4, 2021

The art of caring!

 “The Art of Loving and Art of Living”heard often.

Something which made me ponder today was the “ Art of Caring”.!

Is this an innate quality or do you hon it, learn it , imbibe it or are just simply born with it.

Life is the biggest teacher and each experience a lesson. 

Every situation in life teaches you anew.

Can you teach someone to care?

If they are not born with it?

Is it even possible!

Holding an elderly person’s hand, helping someone when they need it the most!

Looking after someone when they are unable to do so!

Is it asking for so much!

As human beings aren’t we humane first?

Is Humanity not imbibed. Does it have to be taught?

In the journey of life, I learnt a lot.

Tough times teach you the strongest, impactful lesson.

“ The Art of Caring”!

So important. So paramount.

Each needs it!

Maybe in smaller doses or larger.

Be there for others!

In whatever capacity you can!

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