Sunday, April 18, 2021

Small acts of kindness

 All around when the atmosphere is loaded with anxiety, your positivity and faith are the driving forces to take you ahead. Faith that its hard but not unachievable. 

Times are hard. Plunged in chaos . Mankind is tormented. Times like these, teach you that each one of us matters. Our positivity, compassion, praying for others can give them the respite and relief.

If you can just be there for someone. 

Pray immensely!

Prayers move mountains!

The power of praying is magnanimous!

Sometimes it compels the creator to revisit destinies!

There’s a lurking fear underneath.

People desperate for their loved ones.

Fighting for their mere existence.

In this I only look to the path of humanity and compassion.

The only two will help us move ahead and further .

Hope keeps us pulling ahead.

Let’s keep praying for people.

Let’s embrace them in our thoughts and good vibes.

May each fight this battle with a smile!

Strength fortitude their resolve.

Let’s hope for the best for mankind!

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