Saturday, April 24, 2021

Prayers and thoughts

 Today my being unusually quiet. My pen poised! What do I write? My inner being just attuned to the screams of survival all around!

I just see despair laden thoughts all around!

People close to me fighting numerous battles!

The world reeling!

Battling with the most dreaded!

Worry creasing each ones brow!

I just wish for sanctity, peace of mind!

Innumerable strength to each!

We can just pray together for the situation to ease out!

For the torment to end!

Hope to the broken!

Sending out healing energy and prayers to each one out there battling with the dreaded pandemic!

Keep the faith!

Stay strong!

This too shall pass!

Every dark night always has a beautiful, breathtaking dawn awaiting!

Stay blessed. Stay safe!

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