Saturday, April 3, 2021

Lyra in White!

 Lyra was in a particularly mellowed mood . For once, she actually was thinking of complying to Niklos’s request. She had a dreamy smile as she sat with her coffee and morning silence. 

Just then her phone rang. It was from her favourite spa. Niklos had booked her for the day there. All her favourite things Pre-Booked.

Lyra barely had time to get ready and go there. Whole day was perfect bliss. She was treated like a princess. She came home . Her dress rested on the hanger along with a package.

A sleek velvet box which had beautiful ruby and topaz bracelet and tapered long ear rings . A request from Niklos to adorn them. 

Lyra felt different tonight as she put her finishing touches to her make up.

Niklos came at sharp 8 to pick her. Lyra was greeted at the door by him. He looked deliciously handsome in a midnight bluish grey tuxedo . He took her hand and generally sat her in the car.

He leaned across and placed a kiss on her lips. He winked and said “ Totally Irresistible”!

Lyra laughed and asked “ Me or just my lips”!

They reached the party . The perfect picture of a besotted couple.

Lyra danced with him for most of the evening. She enjoyed being taken care of by Niklos.

When they had a quiet moment. Niklos asked” Shall we set a date for our wedding”?

“ Gramps is getting very impatient”.

Lyra conceded smiled and they kissed for the longest time possible.

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