Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 This is such a beautiful thought. Something which I agree with totally.

A truly profound thought! Each sent in the world today, definitely has a purpose.

Finding our purpose is what makes this journey of life meaningful.

No one has been sent by him without a purpose.

Specially in these times when you are on the verge of giving up on all, remember you are here to do something more.

Each’s role definitely adds to the symphony of the world.

Just like any good performance is incomplete without each of its artist, similarly in the world too, the orchestra will be incomplete.

Some find it early, some are still searching, some lost in the search.

Yet each lost in its vestige.

Your purpose does not have to be something which the world has to identify!

If you have identified and are adding value, that’s enough.

Adding value in your own little way is what matters the most.

Appreciate your purpose yourself!

Do not seek outside validation!

Most of the times it’s very late in coming, leaving us dejected and demotivated.

Do not bother with what others think!

If it makes you happy and contented, that’s what truly matters😊

Enjoy the search!

Stay blessed. Stay safe beautiful souls😊


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