Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Covid ! The Dreaded!

 A looming threat!

Becoming deadlier by the minute!

It feels a mixture of twister, tornadoes, volcano, Hurricane!

You name it!

Each’s symptoms are different!

Each body reacting differently!

Timely intervention!

Presence of mind!

Strong will power!


Loads of positivity!

My experience what it taught me. There was a time, my each breath was a question,

I could see bafflement!

I could see the deep concentration being etched out, what best to do next.

But in all this my will and my positivity never left my side.

I knew he has brought me in the safe hands of able Heath givers and specialists .

He still has plans for me.

The fight in me doubled!

At this time you have to look for a purpose.

Positivity that you are meant for something out there still.

It’s  twisted, it takes its own course. It’s a health storm.

Stay safe. Protect your loved ones.

This mutation is deadlier.

But you are stronger!

Keep your thoughts composed and positive!

Lace it with optimism at all times!

Stay blessed 😊Stay safe😊

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