Friday, April 30, 2021


 Be around positive people at all times!

Make positivity a requisite!

No judgement!

 No drama!

You can just be yourself!

The rough patches ease it with humour!

It’s hard . But the optimism and positivity will keep you going through the most turbulent times.

Reach out to people.

Stay connected.

Times have brought us back to social distancing.

Thanks to media, we can still stay connected.

Drop a text.

Something humorous.

Let them feel loved, cared for and thought of!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Hope for the best always. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Light of Hope!

 Your light is seen!

You are a hope!

Always keep the faith!

You are cherished and valued by more people than you might imagine.

We always have a tendency of undermining ourselves!

Depreciating our value!

Putting ourselves last in the hierarchy of life!

If you knew how many people’s lives you touch just by being you, you would be amazed and astonished.

You are far more important and wonderful than you think you are.

Rest with this wonderful thought.

You are important.

You add value to the world.

With this thought, start believing in the best.

If the best has not happened yet! 

Then it’s waiting for your thoughts to align with the belief!

Once you start accepting yourself, you will slowly see the best unfolding!

Stay blessed!

Stay safe!

Stay Hopeful!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 This is such a beautiful thought. Something which I agree with totally.

A truly profound thought! Each sent in the world today, definitely has a purpose.

Finding our purpose is what makes this journey of life meaningful.

No one has been sent by him without a purpose.

Specially in these times when you are on the verge of giving up on all, remember you are here to do something more.

Each’s role definitely adds to the symphony of the world.

Just like any good performance is incomplete without each of its artist, similarly in the world too, the orchestra will be incomplete.

Some find it early, some are still searching, some lost in the search.

Yet each lost in its vestige.

Your purpose does not have to be something which the world has to identify!

If you have identified and are adding value, that’s enough.

Adding value in your own little way is what matters the most.

Appreciate your purpose yourself!

Do not seek outside validation!

Most of the times it’s very late in coming, leaving us dejected and demotivated.

Do not bother with what others think!

If it makes you happy and contented, that’s what truly matters๐Ÿ˜Š

Enjoy the search!

Stay blessed. Stay safe beautiful souls๐Ÿ˜Š

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Alight in Positivity

 A fresh new day !
Make  a conscious effort of filling it with immense positivity. 

The things around us tend to weigh us down. Somedays you have to endeavour to just focus on things that will get you going.

Speak to yourself and choose what would be your thought of the day!

Choose optimism!




Or just the joy of smiling!

Try working on it.

Read something regarding what you have chosen.

Watch something.

Or just write a gratitude journal on the chosen word.

It does make a difference!

Hopefully it will help you to hope for the better!

Good Morning beautiful souls ! Have a blessed day ahead.

Keep praying! The world still needs it.


Monday, April 26, 2021

Dessert Dreams

 As I lay recouping in the confines of the hospital. After the initial scare, once I was stable my dreams became all dessert oriented!

I would imagine chocolate mousse teasing my taste buds!

Sometimes I would see salted caramel tart winking at me!

My dark chocolate smiling at me!

Willy wonka and Magnum smiling at me teasingly!

How I craved for them!

The quintessential of my life!

Once my breath was restored!

My essence of breathing came to me every night in my dreams!

I longed for them๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Feel so lost without seeing them and tasting them!

Waiting to spend quality time with them๐Ÿ˜€

Life without desserts! So barren, bitter and tasteless!

My guide to survival!

Ode to my fabulous favourites!

My cappuccino and my desserts!


Think positive and reap Positivity

 Today my inspiration is none other than my favourite” Winnie the Pooh”!

Breathe in lungful of positivity!

Take deep breaths of optimism!

Switch off from things happening around you!

Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from a while from the reality! 

That’s when you find your bearings!

Sending out a lot of Hope today!

Few smiles!

Positive, Healing energy!

Prayers for all!

Today let’s dedicate this day to just listening to yourself!


Inspiring thoughts!

Sometimes we have to consciously do this!

Have a great day ahead trimmed and lined with loads of positivity!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

A leafed Hope

 A small ray of Hope to cheer us up goes a long way. With the things going around to maintain our sanity is also paramount. To keep a calm mindset a requisite!

It is difficult but staying calm is what is going to take each one through this.

Hope in the unseen!

Believe that it’s soon going to get better!

Trust and faith!

Soon things will get better!

Stay calm!

Stay positive!

Hope for the Best!

Stay blessed. Stay safe!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Prayers and thoughts

 Today my being unusually quiet. My pen poised! What do I write? My inner being just attuned to the screams of survival all around!

I just see despair laden thoughts all around!

People close to me fighting numerous battles!

The world reeling!

Battling with the most dreaded!

Worry creasing each ones brow!

I just wish for sanctity, peace of mind!

Innumerable strength to each!

We can just pray together for the situation to ease out!

For the torment to end!

Hope to the broken!

Sending out healing energy and prayers to each one out there battling with the dreaded pandemic!

Keep the faith!

Stay strong!

This too shall pass!

Every dark night always has a beautiful, breathtaking dawn awaiting!

Stay blessed. Stay safe!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Your self care manual

 This morning, I came across this and it got me thinking.

So true! Nature is never in a rush. It in turn teaches us patience! How to accept change in the form of numerous seasons unfolding, at their own time.

Then why are we not able to adapt so willingly to change? 

Why is man in a constant rush? 

Why do we set such high standards of achievements for our own selves?

Why not just breathe and enjoy the heartfelt moments!

Live life to its best!

After the chaos and the torment the world is going through, we need to maintain our sanity.

Taking care of ourselves is also an important requisite.

Atleast if you have some semblance, you can be there for another troubled soul.

Read a book!

Motivational, inspirational posts to keep ourselves going.

Switch off from the day and your routines.

Unwind in nature.

Be grateful for what you have.

Appreciate the little things.

Reach out to people.

Go for a drive.

Have your favourite dessert.

Treat yourself!

Whatever keeps you going.

You owe it to yourself!

In today’s chaos, you need a little self care routine.

Watch something funny!

Switch off from the news for a while.

Keep praying!

Hoping for the best!

In all this you matter too.

If you take care of yourself, then you will be able to reach out to others.

You can never pour from an empty cup!

Keep your life cup filled with optimism, positivity and resilience!

Let it spill compassion, kindness and Humility  at all times!

Don’t forget your smile ๐Ÿ˜Š!

Send lots of healing energy into the world!

Hopefully engulfing the citizens of the globe!

Stay blessed ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• stay safe beautiful souls!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Friday Musings

 Friday Musings

A heartfelt wish for each one out there. 

Solace for the troubled!

Peace and calm for the Globe!

May we see the end of the Pandemic!

May we be rid of the negativity!

Fill each corner with happiness!


Compassion to lace all the corners of the world!

Humaneness to prevail!

Fill each hearth with peace!

Ease to the tormented and Troubled!

The ones battling with covid may they be blessed with good health!

Peace and joy to the world!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The art of staying calm

 The art of staying calm!

After repeatedly coming across these kind of posts, I was urged to write something on these lines .

There’s no ready manual.

Some thoughts gathered by me, over the course of my life. Life lessons learnt surreptitiously!

The best way is to do what your heart feels like.

Pressure mounts up when we are leading a life of innumerable expectations, putting ourselves on high pedestals of expectations.

Believe that you are doing your best.

Do not compare yourselves to others.

Each journey is different!

Each’s path is different!

Endeavour always to do your best!

Leave the rest!

There will be shortfalls, failures in life.

But do not let that be hard on yourself!

Enjoy the journey!

Do not live life by a series of check lists!

Live it by heartfelt moments!

Things that make your soul and heart sing joyously!


We are here for a limited time!

Don’t waste it only trying to be in the race.

Learn to take a pause!

Let go!

Live for yourself at times!

Positivity and calm are the biggest supporters which take you through the storms of life smoothly!

Always be there for others.

In whichever capacity you can be!



Relax !

Enjoy the Ride!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The mere act of Breathing!


In the journey of life, so many things learnt. The importance of the value of a breath, how it was driven home.
The mere act of breathing effortlessly without a gasp. The very art of living and breathing, something taken for granted.
Effortlessly doing it day in and out. Yet in a moment even that simple act when it is challenged, then you realise what life is.
We endeavour to do so much. We come with some hopes, dreams, aspirations. In our short life span trying to do our best. In a race trying to meet the requisites of or own expectations.
But the true reality of the moment is when a simple breath of air to keep you going becomes a challenge.
In my difficult moments, the only thing which crossed my mind was how effortlessly you gave us, o’ lord how we take things for granted.
Always worrying about the most insignificant things. 
When even to manage a lungful of air to keep your breathing going needs help, then the true reality of life hits you.
But in my darkest hour, what kept me moving was the relentless love, thoughts and prayers which kept pouring in.
A legacy which I always sought to leave behind, “ A little remembrance in someone’s thoughts, prayers and heart”!
The continuous flow of healing energy even made the almighty give in to the power of prayer.
Always keep others in your thoughts and prayers.
Today each is battling a magnitude of chaos!
Each troubled, tormented!
Just send a prayer into the vestiges of the world
Prayers are heard up there!
They do make an impact!
I’m the biggest example here!
I only got another lease of life because of the heartfelt prayers of each one!
You compel the creator to hear you!
Prayers have the power!
And you have the power to pray for each soul!
Do not let it go!
I’m humbled and in deep gratitude to all those beautiful, wonderful souls who prayed for me and are still praying.
Stay blessed! Stay safe!
Let’s join our hands once more for the citizens of the globe!
People who are battling covid,
Anxiety, Depression!
Are going through a tough time!
O’ lord ease each ones torment!
Line each hearth and heart in restful calm and positivity!
Fill the word with glee and giggles!
Ease the testing times!
Show your mercy to one and All!!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Small acts of kindness

 All around when the atmosphere is loaded with anxiety, your positivity and faith are the driving forces to take you ahead. Faith that its hard but not unachievable. 

Times are hard. Plunged in chaos . Mankind is tormented. Times like these, teach you that each one of us matters. Our positivity, compassion, praying for others can give them the respite and relief.

If you can just be there for someone. 

Pray immensely!

Prayers move mountains!

The power of praying is magnanimous!

Sometimes it compels the creator to revisit destinies!

There’s a lurking fear underneath.

People desperate for their loved ones.

Fighting for their mere existence.

In this I only look to the path of humanity and compassion.

The only two will help us move ahead and further .

Hope keeps us pulling ahead.

Let’s keep praying for people.

Let’s embrace them in our thoughts and good vibes.

May each fight this battle with a smile!

Strength fortitude their resolve.

Let’s hope for the best for mankind!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Covid ! The Dreaded!

 A looming threat!

Becoming deadlier by the minute!

It feels a mixture of twister, tornadoes, volcano, Hurricane!

You name it!

Each’s symptoms are different!

Each body reacting differently!

Timely intervention!

Presence of mind!

Strong will power!


Loads of positivity!

My experience what it taught me. There was a time, my each breath was a question,

I could see bafflement!

I could see the deep concentration being etched out, what best to do next.

But in all this my will and my positivity never left my side.

I knew he has brought me in the safe hands of able Heath givers and specialists .

He still has plans for me.

The fight in me doubled!

At this time you have to look for a purpose.

Positivity that you are meant for something out there still.

It’s  twisted, it takes its own course. It’s a health storm.

Stay safe. Protect your loved ones.

This mutation is deadlier.

But you are stronger!

Keep your thoughts composed and positive!

Lace it with optimism at all times!

Stay blessed ๐Ÿ˜ŠStay safe๐Ÿ˜Š

Monday, April 5, 2021

What does the darkest hour teach us!

 Earlier too I had written constantly about covid.

The dreaded!

Something to be immensely terrified of.

I do not know whether to say , I had the misfortune of experiencing it . Mine was Corad -3 . 

My day started just like any other . By noon I started experiencing bouts of weakness. By afternoon I was completely drained out and fatigued. Thinking it too be very hot , I blamed it on the weather. When I woke up! I felt a tightness in the chest. My gut screamed! I went and checked the new symptoms.  As of now , I was experiencing 2. I drove myself straight to the diagnostic. I got my tests done.

The next 4 days were the hardest of my life . First day I drifted by. From day 2-4, I was completely without any energy or strength.

What made me go through this difficult phase is positivity . Gratitude for still being able to breathe without any assistance . 

The most important is the love , blessings and support of your well wishers. I would wake up from my bouts of sleep. There would be beautiful messages , missed calls . 

Beautiful heartfelt words. Believe me! It did make a difference!

The poetry community and the various poets who constantly prayed for me and sent positive energy.

The reason why I am writing it . At this time the person just needs moral support . Covid is dreaded!

And we have to live around it . 

Being cautious!


Most importantly! Being kind and caring!

Some might be lucky to have never been caught by it!

Some of us might not have been!

Each to its own!

What a person needs most is positivity, encouragement, kindness , compassion and love!

Incidentally this is what the world otherwise needs too!

But covid drives home the point further.

I’m much better now. 

A big thank you to all my well wishers . May you be blessed abundantly.

A big thank you to the one who watches me always!

I could have been worse!

I came out of it!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a great day!

Wear your smile at all times!

Life is short!

Dress all your moments with a smile!๐Ÿ˜Š

Sunday, April 4, 2021

The art of caring!

 “The Art of Loving and Art of Living”heard often.

Something which made me ponder today was the “ Art of Caring”.!

Is this an innate quality or do you hon it, learn it , imbibe it or are just simply born with it.

Life is the biggest teacher and each experience a lesson. 

Every situation in life teaches you anew.

Can you teach someone to care?

If they are not born with it?

Is it even possible!

Holding an elderly person’s hand, helping someone when they need it the most!

Looking after someone when they are unable to do so!

Is it asking for so much!

As human beings aren’t we humane first?

Is Humanity not imbibed. Does it have to be taught?

In the journey of life, I learnt a lot.

Tough times teach you the strongest, impactful lesson.

“ The Art of Caring”!

So important. So paramount.

Each needs it!

Maybe in smaller doses or larger.

Be there for others!

In whatever capacity you can!

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Lyra in White!

 Lyra was in a particularly mellowed mood . For once, she actually was thinking of complying to Niklos’s request. She had a dreamy smile as she sat with her coffee and morning silence. 

Just then her phone rang. It was from her favourite spa. Niklos had booked her for the day there. All her favourite things Pre-Booked.

Lyra barely had time to get ready and go there. Whole day was perfect bliss. She was treated like a princess. She came home . Her dress rested on the hanger along with a package.

A sleek velvet box which had beautiful ruby and topaz bracelet and tapered long ear rings . A request from Niklos to adorn them. 

Lyra felt different tonight as she put her finishing touches to her make up.

Niklos came at sharp 8 to pick her. Lyra was greeted at the door by him. He looked deliciously handsome in a midnight bluish grey tuxedo . He took her hand and generally sat her in the car.

He leaned across and placed a kiss on her lips. He winked and said “ Totally Irresistible”!

Lyra laughed and asked “ Me or just my lips”!

They reached the party . The perfect picture of a besotted couple.

Lyra danced with him for most of the evening. She enjoyed being taken care of by Niklos.

When they had a quiet moment. Niklos asked” Shall we set a date for our wedding”?

“ Gramps is getting very impatient”.

Lyra conceded smiled and they kissed for the longest time possible.

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