Sunday, March 28, 2021

Wisdom on the Streets

 My favourite poem was always “ Vagabond “. Something about it would make me feel very carefree. This last week has been a bit harrowing for me. I lost my favourite rings and a pair of ear-rings . To put it straight , they were stolen.  I’m a part of a gratitude series workshop. Since the last 2 days , I was feeling tremendously low. To even write one line in gratitude was a Herculean task.

The reason why I’m writing this today here is, everything has a shelf life. Our emotions, our belongings and us. Who has come to stay forever? 

My favourite Turquoise ring was stolen too. That ring was a part of me. I would always wear that . This morning as I was driving past a street . I saw 3 people sleeping. There was traffic, the sun had become brighter. Yet they were oblivious to all.

That’s when I remembered my favourite poem” Vagabond “. It’s so true when you get attached to your belongings . Then you cannot live carefree. When you have nothing that belongs to you, it’s more free. You have nothing that belongs to you and so your attachment will also be minimal. Life is a journey. No one stays with you forever. When I lost people in my life at a tender age. Then things are so insubstantial. 

The lesson of life, there’s no permanent stop. Change is inevitable. Adapting to it , is what makes us humane. 

That’s when I realised, Is my smile more important or my lost  things. Is joy, peace not more priceless?

Always be prepared in life for anything untoward. Honour the hurt, but do not let it overpower you. 

Learn to fight and emerge a winner. 

I found my peace , joy and smile once again😊.

Stay blessed. Stay happy .

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