Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The power to say No!!!!

Does a woman have the prerogative to say no. Does she ever get her due in life? Is she just living a Pre conceived series of events. Already chalked out for her.

I’m shocked to come across more and more dowry deaths. Mind you from affluent families. Girls even after being highly educated are succumbing to the evil of dowry. Parents sit helplessly next to the life less body of their daughters!

Today my anger is directed  towards the parents. Is the “ Happily Married” tag , more paramount than your daughter’s life. Is she not your flesh and blood? Does she not have a heart and soul? Is being a daughter a menace?

Then why is she repeatedly sacrificed at the altar of “ Family prestige and name”? Why??

Even in the 21 st century nothing has changed. Social reformers like Raja Rajmohan Roy , Annie Beasant , Swami  Vivekananda and many more worked diligently towards giving a place to women in society.

Today nothing has changed . Parents still stay silent as their flesh and blood gets thrashed in the name of dowry. Can a girl not have the right to start again or come back to her parents house and start a new. Should you be giving in to the dowry demands , just so that she is living a life worse than hell!


When will we release ourselves from this bondage of social norms . When will we learn to stand with our girls?

Give them the joy of living!

Support them relentlessly!

They are precious without being someone’s wife or mother.

She’s an individual with dreams, hopes and countless aspirations!

Let her live!

Set her free from the shackles of stereotypes set by society!

Stand with your precious!

Give her another chance!

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