Saturday, March 13, 2021

The journey of a self made woman!!

 One sunny morning by the beach, I found true inspiring stories. I was moved beyond tears! I had the good opportunity of meeting powerful women. Who made it happen in their lives! By their sheer Grit!

Their will to succeed and achieve!

Akku was 7 when she came to Goa . Oldest of the 4 siblings. Her mother was a self made woman.She made a living by collecting trash on the beach .She always wanted Akku to study, but due to financial restraints could not do. Some philanthropist souls on the beach started teaching Akku . Akku is good at 8 languages. English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Russian, German, Finnish, Persian. She is supporting her parents. Built a house for them. Educating her 3 siblings. Taking care of her family . Now mother of 3. What an inspiring Person!

Now she works at the beach . Sells her wares . She met a wonderful German philanthropist who is helping wher educate her siblings . He’s sponsoring their education. Humanity does exist!

I was moved by their journey. Self made in its truest form. A happy soul! A twinkling , sparkling , smiling person. 

I could not stop the writer in me. 

A beautiful soul with a  happy smile!

She taught me a brilliant new smile by the beach.

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