Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Era of Plans!!

 I loved this when I read it . Instantly! It spoke of all I would always think of . Ironically! I never made back up plans!! I would always wonder! Is it good or bad! Always a nagging voice would snigger at me. You never have an emergency, back up plan .

The other day, when I came across this , I was relieved. For once that voice was wrong. It always boasted of being right.

I would always aim to make my Plan A, the best. Well! We are all humans so we might” ERR.”

It’s perfectly fine to “ ERR”.

The phobia attached with committing mistakes is what actually in turn stifles our growth. Just go with the flow.

What will happen? You will Re-Do it.

Do not always associate everything with perfection. At all times! 

Let the human in you feel like a human!

Enjoy the Ride!

We are here for a limited time.

Just smile and sail through 😊

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