Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 Always given readily. Asked or not! Wanted or unwanted! Always sprinkled liberally!

We are all made differently. Then how can our thoughts, opinions or way of thinking be identical. Everyone likes to feel and do things differently. We always like to sit on the high horse of judgmental attitude. Trying to weigh people’s behaviour according to the pedestal set by us. 

Why do we not believe in giving an individual the right to just live. Live the way he or she likes. Even if they make mistakes. Its  their journey. Let them stumble. Why are we quick to impose our thoughts on another? 

Who likes to be criticised or judged all the time?

Even if someone makes a mistake, it’s their learning. Give them the space and freedom to do as they please. 

How will an individual grow otherwise?

Let us just support others with love , compassion and positivity. 

Let’s nourish the growth of one and all!!

Stay blessed always!!!

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