Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Memories of Hyderabad!

 I remember Hyderabad when I moved in my adolescence. Everything was so new. I remember gallivanting with my cousins. The specialities of my dear city.

The breakfast excitement would excite all of them and leave me confounded. The excitement over chai biscuit. Bun Maska . Both I detested. I was a chocolate milk person. Butter and tea both detested by me. 

Slowly I discovered the cute little eats which I liked. My favourite was the “ Seekh kabab and Sheermal” , which I still like. Khala khand , Doodh Peda and Chum chum and the Kashmiri chai. Our old city late night sojourns would lead us to the door of Miskeen. We would be a gang of 25,30 all sitting out in the open and enjoying and relishing Nahaari and kulche.

My favourite bread came from “ Bulaqi Kashmiri”. It just melted in your mouth and with Amul cheese it was heavenly.

The night before Eid we would all be in Laad  Bazar. Looking to match bangles with our outfits . Stopping to eat on the way. Then late night, we would stop at “famous ice- cream “having all the seasonal fruit flavours.

Softy Den at Abids was another favourite haunt of ours. Their vanilla chocolate softy was just simply amazingπŸ˜„

Our favourite Summer Hyderabadi breakfast comprised of Aamras paratha.

Sometimes it would be khichadi , khagina too.

Our summer special drink was faluda and sweet lassi.

I remember my grandmother lovingly making kairi ka aap shola ( Juice of poly mangoes) and Faalsa ka sharbat.

What beautiful memories to decorate our life album!

Gokul Chaat and chole Bathure at Havmor. Another known ,often visited places . 

Now “ Haleem” the undisputed king rules with its unique taste and aromas. People from different cities flock to Hyderabad during Ramzan to taste Haleem. A must have in Ramzan . Found in every household at the time of Dusk.

After a heavy dinner , Paan was a must . 

If it was too heavy , Masala Thumbs-up at Lakdi Ka Pul!

Biryani home made was the best!

We would wait eagerly for the weddings to have “ Laal Chicken”, Luqmi, Double ka Meetha, Qubaani ka Meetha!

Butter scotch ice-cream was a bonus!

Such beautiful memories of my dear city!

Now again the festive reason is round the corner!

Hyderabad looks beautiful during Ramzan!

A bride in all it’s adornments!!


  1. Gastronomic delight 😍😍😍

  2. So beautiful Shireen...Actually felt I was experiencing each precious moment.... Lovely Hyderabad so rich in culture, heritage and the food is something else so delicious every delicacy every cuisine...Luv you Hyderabad....

  3. Thank you 😊.Appreciate it immensely.

  4. Shireen!!! Am coming with you to Famous. Let’s go !

  5. Yes Aafu . Let’s do it this time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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