Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Lyra’s shopping spree disaster

 Lyra  was very excited about her shopping spree with her besties. She came out of her villa ready for the trip. But what met her eyes, ruined her excitement totally. Niklos came driving his red Porsche. Looking breathtakingly handsome. Lyra was surprised. He called out to her saying both her friends were busy. He was taking her for shopping and lunch.

Lyra had no choice but to go. They reached her first favourite place. Niklos bought more for her than she required. Insisting and choosing and making Lyra’s blood boil further. It was hot . They stopped at dr favourite ice-cream joint.

Then again continued with her shopping.

Niklos ordered some jewellery too.

They had lunch at their favourite place.

Over lunch they had a tiff again .

Niklos told her” Atleast smile! Why do you look so tortured?

Lyra replied” That’s exactly how I feel”!

Niklos tried coaxing her.

Reassuring her.

They went back in a lighter mood.

When she was getting down . Niklos held her tenderly in his arms and said” Will you wear the white dress for me tonight. Indulge me please!

Lyra smiled and complied!

Stay tuned for more😀

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