Monday, March 15, 2021

Lyra disgruntled

 Lyra was excited for her friend’s bridal shower. They were going to stay overnight at the resort. After the bridal shower they were coming back.

Lyra was all packed and ready. She was planning to go with her friend. Instead of her friend coming, it was Niklos who had come. After enquiring, she came to know, Niklos had offered to come pick her up.

Lyra did not like this high handed attitude of his. She was getting very upset.

She told Niklos” you cannot decide for me!

He replied in a calm tone” Considering I am going to be your husband in less than a month, that gives me the right”!

Lyra lost it completely” You cannot”!

She sulked on the way to the resort. 

Once she reached there, she completely ignored Niklos. 

She was sharing a room with her bestie. So many of her friends had gathered. 

She wore a black abc maroon ensemble in lace.

She looked simply beautiful. 

Her lines lined heavily in kohl. Leaving a rosey hue to her skin in the tint of the candles.

She was having a gala time. She met her childhood friend “ Andres”. It had been years since she had seen him.

She danced with him for few numbers. They were just going for another one. When Niklos excused her and took her for a dance himself. Which she did not like one bit.

Niklos muttered tightly “ What are you doing?”

That riled her further.

Lyra danced on just one number with him. 

To spite him, she deliberately stamped on his foot in her stilettos.

He gave a Yelp of pain.

Lyra turned and walked away from him. To enjoy the evening ahead.

Stay tuned for more.

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