Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Lyra at the wedding

 Lyra was very excited. Gramps was also a bit stable now. She was going for her best friend’s Rehearsal Dinner. The wedding was day after. Tomorrow night they had a dinner party at the garden.

Lyra wore her Mint green king gown. Leaving her curling hair in a messy bun. Her hair had a will of it’s  own tonight. It was a place tucked away in the hills. A small open garden area. Incidentally the couple was Niklos’s close friends too. He would be picking her up.

Just then she heard Niklos by the door. He whistled under his breath. His eyes lighting up.

He softly said” You look smashing”!

Lyra smiled and thanked him.

Niklos halted her .

Turned her around.

Took her wrist. Extracted a velvet long box and took out a beautiful Diamonds and Aquamarine stone bracelet . So delicately set. Lyra loved it. 

He slid it on her wrist,

Lyra told him, he didn’t have to do this.

Niklos smiled and said “ Humour me”!

They left for the dinner.

It was a beautiful place,

Niklos and Lyra enjoying themselves.

Dancing till midnight.

Lyra was growing comfortable with Niklos.

She rested her head on his shoulder as they kept waltzing the evening.

While dropping her home.

He kissed her thoroughly 

Leaving her looking more beautiful and flushed😀

Do you think Lyra will melt?

Stay tuned.

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