Sunday, March 7, 2021

Happy Women’s Day!!!

 Women the quintessential of Mankind. The creation which strives harder in every era. Women are  the dynamics at every forte. Built with immense strength, magnitude, perception. They conquer it all!

I do not mean the success statistics. I mean their struggles in their day to day lives. Each woman out there is unique and one in a billion! Incidentally she is!

Juggling womanhood, motherhood, friendships, priorities, her passion calling. Whooo! 😅😅

She’s quite a Rockstar!

Then she has to be Put together!

She is a touch of sass and spice 

With a dash of humour!

Sprinkled with stardust of,


Dipped in compassion!

She wears positivity as her favourite designer label!

She is the woman of today!

At any time do not let anything take that away from you!

Or make you feel less!

You are a multi faceted personality!

You do a lot!

Hug yourself!

Pat your back!

March ahead in the Light of God!!!

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