Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Gratitude to the creator

 This was one practice of mine, which I never left . In the hardest of hard too. Whether it was joy or sorrow, the need to thank the one who made me took precedence over anything. Slowly the philosophy of life unfolded as I grew closer to him. 

The trials, tribulations which we think are very difficult are actually made to hon us to perfection. I would always think I’m given the most as a child . When I would hear others pain mine king forgotten.

Surprisingly still I like being there for others. That makes me realise how blessed I am. He has equally distributed the share of sorrows and joy in each’s life. The timing might be a little different. 

My favourite quote “ There is no eye which will not weep, no heart which will not know joy or sorrow”.

In the end it’s a transit.

My favourite line from Shakespeare “ All the world’s a stage, Each one of us sent here to play a part!

Have a great week!

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

The second wave is deadlier.

Take care of yourselves and yours😊

Don’t forget to wear your most precious adornment at all times. Your smile😊

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