Thursday, March 25, 2021

Feel the Submerged emotions!


In the journey of life, we repeatedly bury so many emotions. Not honouring them. We find it easier to bury them then honour them. Unfortunately they do not go anywhere! They are sitting buried deep within. 
If they are not ventilated and aired and given a closure, they will haunt you repeatedly. 
No matter how painful the experience or wounding, face it! Suppression only leads to erosion!
This time round it’s your being!
Would you want to live with an eroded you!
One lifetime given, live how you please!
Do not go by the dictates set by others.
Do what pleases you!
Make yourself indispensable to you!
Irreplaceable to you!
Unmatched for you!
We often are busy pleasing others, forgetting ourselves in the bargain!
No! You come first!
Attend to your wounds!
Heal them!
Then set out to carve newer paths!
In the woods of life!

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