Sunday, March 21, 2021

Errors Galore!

 The day of the party loomed threateningly. I was all excited. Counting on my precious house help . Who is more vital than oxygen. I had planned all. Written it down too, just in case, my brain played up. Then the doom bell rang , loud and clear, the ring of my phone. My dear Vimla bai was down with high fever. I felt the air leaving my lungs softly. Was I actually dead! I wondered!

I quickly pulled myself up together. I wished her speedy recovery. I was wishing myself simultaneously. The work now lined up . I had started when suddenly my pressure cooker burst. All the curry was lined up neatly on the roof of my kitchen. I started cleaning and scrubbing. Trying to multitask, I started working on the pastry puff . My appetisers for the evening. Suddenly I dropped the spoon and the flour was flying all around like the flying saucer. I was covered in white, head to toe. I must be looking ready for a zee horror show shoot. I still tried to be positive. I was checking my vegetables to make the filing for the pastry when I realised, I had forgotten broccoli. I cleaned myself and stepped out to buy the last minute things. I was waiting at the light when the guy behind my lost control and rammed into my car. I wanted to scream my lungs out. I wasted another one hour in sorting out the mess.

I was really on the verge of breaking down when I doorbell rang . My dear friend walked in with her house help . It was like be blessed by a fairy god mother. I felt my role of Cinderella might be coming to an end. Rescued from the attic finally.

I went to clean up rest a while . When I came back, a greater disaster was ready. She had mixed the wrong ingredients and had baked what was supposed to be cooked. What she had cooked had to be baked . I just sat there frozen. I didn’t know what to do. She was looking all pleased with herself. I did not have the heart to wipe away that grin and replace it with an upset face. Then I quickly along with her trued reducing the damage and salvaging what was left.

The last was my outfit which was sit with my tailor. He was a total last minute person. He came happily carrying the bag .When I opened the door, he was looking pleased.

When I opened the packet, I wanted to shout. He had got the wrong outfit. Anyway I just took it. I did not have the energy to argue.

Anyway with all the mishaps . Thankfully my party still went fine. I managed to find something else to wear. 

For once I could totally , fully understand what Cinderella must have felt day in and day out. 

Cinderella became more of my favourite😀

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