Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Automated Responses!

 The Era of automated response!

Alas! Thought Arzu! From the banks, to the telephone companies, tele marketing!

God where are those sweet pleasant voices!

The era of Robotics!

Presented Proudly!

Arzu thought to herself as she was getting ready for work!

My beautiful day starts with automated responses from my dear family!

By repeatedly asking, what has to be cooked. I get a half hearted irritated response!

Hubby is busy as usual. When he’s home he’s glued to his laptop and the constant blocking of his hearing by the dreaded ear phones!

It’s fine ! Thought Arzu!

As long as I’m at least given the animated response properly!

Only her dear Vimla bai was someone , she could pour her heart too.

Both holding a conference, deciding the most important topic of the day” What has to be cooked”?

Then Arzu would leave for work.

In the evening the battle would begin at the table.

“ Mummy! Why did you cook “ Bhendi”!

“ I hate it!

Comes one wail!

The second starts from the other end.

“ I hate this curry”

Please make note! This was after being asked repeatedly!

Then my husband very quietly gives his valued opinion”!” 

“ Aaj Namak dalna bhool gaye”!

What a grand finale!

After all this !

I quietly take myself out for a dessert date!

I need a sugar, caffeine , chocolate fix”

The age of automated responses!

Stay tuned for more!!



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