Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Gratitude to the creator

 This was one practice of mine, which I never left . In the hardest of hard too. Whether it was joy or sorrow, the need to thank the one who made me took precedence over anything. Slowly the philosophy of life unfolded as I grew closer to him. 

The trials, tribulations which we think are very difficult are actually made to hon us to perfection. I would always think I’m given the most as a child . When I would hear others pain mine king forgotten.

Surprisingly still I like being there for others. That makes me realise how blessed I am. He has equally distributed the share of sorrows and joy in each’s life. The timing might be a little different. 

My favourite quote “ There is no eye which will not weep, no heart which will not know joy or sorrow”.

In the end it’s a transit.

My favourite line from Shakespeare “ All the world’s a stage, Each one of us sent here to play a part!

Have a great week!

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

The second wave is deadlier.

Take care of yourselves and yours😊

Don’t forget to wear your most precious adornment at all times. Your smile😊

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Memories of Hyderabad!

 I remember Hyderabad when I moved in my adolescence. Everything was so new. I remember gallivanting with my cousins. The specialities of my dear city.

The breakfast excitement would excite all of them and leave me confounded. The excitement over chai biscuit. Bun Maska . Both I detested. I was a chocolate milk person. Butter and tea both detested by me. 

Slowly I discovered the cute little eats which I liked. My favourite was the “ Seekh kabab and Sheermal” , which I still like. Khala khand , Doodh Peda and Chum chum and the Kashmiri chai. Our old city late night sojourns would lead us to the door of Miskeen. We would be a gang of 25,30 all sitting out in the open and enjoying and relishing Nahaari and kulche.

My favourite bread came from “ Bulaqi Kashmiri”. It just melted in your mouth and with Amul cheese it was heavenly.

The night before Eid we would all be in Laad  Bazar. Looking to match bangles with our outfits . Stopping to eat on the way. Then late night, we would stop at “famous ice- cream “having all the seasonal fruit flavours.

Softy Den at Abids was another favourite haunt of ours. Their vanilla chocolate softy was just simply amazing😄

Our favourite Summer Hyderabadi breakfast comprised of Aamras paratha.

Sometimes it would be khichadi , khagina too.

Our summer special drink was faluda and sweet lassi.

I remember my grandmother lovingly making kairi ka aap shola ( Juice of poly mangoes) and Faalsa ka sharbat.

What beautiful memories to decorate our life album!

Gokul Chaat and chole Bathure at Havmor. Another known ,often visited places . 

Now “ Haleem” the undisputed king rules with its unique taste and aromas. People from different cities flock to Hyderabad during Ramzan to taste Haleem. A must have in Ramzan . Found in every household at the time of Dusk.

After a heavy dinner , Paan was a must . 

If it was too heavy , Masala Thumbs-up at Lakdi Ka Pul!

Biryani home made was the best!

We would wait eagerly for the weddings to have “ Laal Chicken”, Luqmi, Double ka Meetha, Qubaani ka Meetha!

Butter scotch ice-cream was a bonus!

Such beautiful memories of my dear city!

Now again the festive reason is round the corner!

Hyderabad looks beautiful during Ramzan!

A bride in all it’s adornments!!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Wisdom on the Streets

 My favourite poem was always “ Vagabond “. Something about it would make me feel very carefree. This last week has been a bit harrowing for me. I lost my favourite rings and a pair of ear-rings . To put it straight , they were stolen.  I’m a part of a gratitude series workshop. Since the last 2 days , I was feeling tremendously low. To even write one line in gratitude was a Herculean task.

The reason why I’m writing this today here is, everything has a shelf life. Our emotions, our belongings and us. Who has come to stay forever? 

My favourite Turquoise ring was stolen too. That ring was a part of me. I would always wear that . This morning as I was driving past a street . I saw 3 people sleeping. There was traffic, the sun had become brighter. Yet they were oblivious to all.

That’s when I remembered my favourite poem” Vagabond “. It’s so true when you get attached to your belongings . Then you cannot live carefree. When you have nothing that belongs to you, it’s more free. You have nothing that belongs to you and so your attachment will also be minimal. Life is a journey. No one stays with you forever. When I lost people in my life at a tender age. Then things are so insubstantial. 

The lesson of life, there’s no permanent stop. Change is inevitable. Adapting to it , is what makes us humane. 

That’s when I realised, Is my smile more important or my lost  things. Is joy, peace not more priceless?

Always be prepared in life for anything untoward. Honour the hurt, but do not let it overpower you. 

Learn to fight and emerge a winner. 

I found my peace , joy and smile once again😊.

Stay blessed. Stay happy .

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Feel the Submerged emotions!


In the journey of life, we repeatedly bury so many emotions. Not honouring them. We find it easier to bury them then honour them. Unfortunately they do not go anywhere! They are sitting buried deep within. 
If they are not ventilated and aired and given a closure, they will haunt you repeatedly. 
No matter how painful the experience or wounding, face it! Suppression only leads to erosion!
This time round it’s your being!
Would you want to live with an eroded you!
One lifetime given, live how you please!
Do not go by the dictates set by others.
Do what pleases you!
Make yourself indispensable to you!
Irreplaceable to you!
Unmatched for you!
We often are busy pleasing others, forgetting ourselves in the bargain!
No! You come first!
Attend to your wounds!
Heal them!
Then set out to carve newer paths!
In the woods of life!

Jaan -e- Adaa

 Tried a new Genre of urdu poetry 😊

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 Always given readily. Asked or not! Wanted or unwanted! Always sprinkled liberally!

We are all made differently. Then how can our thoughts, opinions or way of thinking be identical. Everyone likes to feel and do things differently. We always like to sit on the high horse of judgmental attitude. Trying to weigh people’s behaviour according to the pedestal set by us. 

Why do we not believe in giving an individual the right to just live. Live the way he or she likes. Even if they make mistakes. Its  their journey. Let them stumble. Why are we quick to impose our thoughts on another? 

Who likes to be criticised or judged all the time?

Even if someone makes a mistake, it’s their learning. Give them the space and freedom to do as they please. 

How will an individual grow otherwise?

Let us just support others with love , compassion and positivity. 

Let’s nourish the growth of one and all!!

Stay blessed always!!!

Lyra’s shopping spree disaster

 Lyra  was very excited about her shopping spree with her besties. She came out of her villa ready for the trip. But what met her eyes, ruined her excitement totally. Niklos came driving his red Porsche. Looking breathtakingly handsome. Lyra was surprised. He called out to her saying both her friends were busy. He was taking her for shopping and lunch.

Lyra had no choice but to go. They reached her first favourite place. Niklos bought more for her than she required. Insisting and choosing and making Lyra’s blood boil further. It was hot . They stopped at dr favourite ice-cream joint.

Then again continued with her shopping.

Niklos ordered some jewellery too.

They had lunch at their favourite place.

Over lunch they had a tiff again .

Niklos told her” Atleast smile! Why do you look so tortured?

Lyra replied” That’s exactly how I feel”!

Niklos tried coaxing her.

Reassuring her.

They went back in a lighter mood.

When she was getting down . Niklos held her tenderly in his arms and said” Will you wear the white dress for me tonight. Indulge me please!

Lyra smiled and complied!

Stay tuned for more😀

Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Gratitude always opens newer paths!

Brewing optimism in the pot of life!

Bringing us new inspiration at every Dawn!

Aspirations for a better us!

Gratitude opens closed doors!

A new breath of freshness is experienced in their scented hues!

Monday, March 22, 2021


 This is exactly what I always envisaged. Lost in the journey of trekking the planet. Exploring each crack and crevice . 

The journey of travelling!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Errors Galore!

 The day of the party loomed threateningly. I was all excited. Counting on my precious house help . Who is more vital than oxygen. I had planned all. Written it down too, just in case, my brain played up. Then the doom bell rang , loud and clear, the ring of my phone. My dear Vimla bai was down with high fever. I felt the air leaving my lungs softly. Was I actually dead! I wondered!

I quickly pulled myself up together. I wished her speedy recovery. I was wishing myself simultaneously. The work now lined up . I had started when suddenly my pressure cooker burst. All the curry was lined up neatly on the roof of my kitchen. I started cleaning and scrubbing. Trying to multitask, I started working on the pastry puff . My appetisers for the evening. Suddenly I dropped the spoon and the flour was flying all around like the flying saucer. I was covered in white, head to toe. I must be looking ready for a zee horror show shoot. I still tried to be positive. I was checking my vegetables to make the filing for the pastry when I realised, I had forgotten broccoli. I cleaned myself and stepped out to buy the last minute things. I was waiting at the light when the guy behind my lost control and rammed into my car. I wanted to scream my lungs out. I wasted another one hour in sorting out the mess.

I was really on the verge of breaking down when I doorbell rang . My dear friend walked in with her house help . It was like be blessed by a fairy god mother. I felt my role of Cinderella might be coming to an end. Rescued from the attic finally.

I went to clean up rest a while . When I came back, a greater disaster was ready. She had mixed the wrong ingredients and had baked what was supposed to be cooked. What she had cooked had to be baked . I just sat there frozen. I didn’t know what to do. She was looking all pleased with herself. I did not have the heart to wipe away that grin and replace it with an upset face. Then I quickly along with her trued reducing the damage and salvaging what was left.

The last was my outfit which was sit with my tailor. He was a total last minute person. He came happily carrying the bag .When I opened the door, he was looking pleased.

When I opened the packet, I wanted to shout. He had got the wrong outfit. Anyway I just took it. I did not have the energy to argue.

Anyway with all the mishaps . Thankfully my party still went fine. I managed to find something else to wear. 

For once I could totally , fully understand what Cinderella must have felt day in and day out. 

Cinderella became more of my favourite😀

Fragrant Breath of Freshness!

 A fragrant breath,

Of freshness!

Abundant Bliss!

To greet my threshold!

With inspiring thoughts!

Each Dawn!

Each fading dusk!

You spread your fragrance!

In a warm cloud!

In my midst!

Warming me all through!!!

Every Morning let your beautiful thoughts take you through a beautiful day. Exuberance in its grasp! Leading you through tough with a gleeful step. A spring to your step, a new freshness to your vision , compassion to trim it all.

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Let beautiful hope wash you anew!

Every single moment!

Musings of a carefree Heart!


There are days when I want to relive my carefree days. Feel the freeness in my spirit and being. Long for it! Where are those beautiful golden hues days! 

Where living was just living! Living in joyous rapture! We lived in all our being! I long and yearn for it.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dawn Musings

 Every Dawn teaches us how to move ahead in positivity. Forget the woes of yesterday. Look forward towards a new day. See what it brings! 

A beautiful gift to unravel. 

Start your day with a 😊 smile.

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The power to say No!!!!

Does a woman have the prerogative to say no. Does she ever get her due in life? Is she just living a Pre conceived series of events. Already chalked out for her.

I’m shocked to come across more and more dowry deaths. Mind you from affluent families. Girls even after being highly educated are succumbing to the evil of dowry. Parents sit helplessly next to the life less body of their daughters!

Today my anger is directed  towards the parents. Is the “ Happily Married” tag , more paramount than your daughter’s life. Is she not your flesh and blood? Does she not have a heart and soul? Is being a daughter a menace?

Then why is she repeatedly sacrificed at the altar of “ Family prestige and name”? Why??

Even in the 21 st century nothing has changed. Social reformers like Raja Rajmohan Roy , Annie Beasant , Swami  Vivekananda and many more worked diligently towards giving a place to women in society.

Today nothing has changed . Parents still stay silent as their flesh and blood gets thrashed in the name of dowry. Can a girl not have the right to start again or come back to her parents house and start a new. Should you be giving in to the dowry demands , just so that she is living a life worse than hell!


When will we release ourselves from this bondage of social norms . When will we learn to stand with our girls?

Give them the joy of living!

Support them relentlessly!

They are precious without being someone’s wife or mother.

She’s an individual with dreams, hopes and countless aspirations!

Let her live!

Set her free from the shackles of stereotypes set by society!

Stand with your precious!

Give her another chance!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Lyra disgruntled

 Lyra was excited for her friend’s bridal shower. They were going to stay overnight at the resort. After the bridal shower they were coming back.

Lyra was all packed and ready. She was planning to go with her friend. Instead of her friend coming, it was Niklos who had come. After enquiring, she came to know, Niklos had offered to come pick her up.

Lyra did not like this high handed attitude of his. She was getting very upset.

She told Niklos” you cannot decide for me!

He replied in a calm tone” Considering I am going to be your husband in less than a month, that gives me the right”!

Lyra lost it completely” You cannot”!

She sulked on the way to the resort. 

Once she reached there, she completely ignored Niklos. 

She was sharing a room with her bestie. So many of her friends had gathered. 

She wore a black abc maroon ensemble in lace.

She looked simply beautiful. 

Her lines lined heavily in kohl. Leaving a rosey hue to her skin in the tint of the candles.

She was having a gala time. She met her childhood friend “ Andres”. It had been years since she had seen him.

She danced with him for few numbers. They were just going for another one. When Niklos excused her and took her for a dance himself. Which she did not like one bit.

Niklos muttered tightly “ What are you doing?”

That riled her further.

Lyra danced on just one number with him. 

To spite him, she deliberately stamped on his foot in her stilettos.

He gave a Yelp of pain.

Lyra turned and walked away from him. To enjoy the evening ahead.

Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Well Spent Moments!

 Give life to your moments! Life is all about the best lived moments! Felt deep within!

In the end, we just have all those beautiful moments, well lived. That is what truly keeps us going.

Nothing stays forever. Each comes with a shelf life! Including our treasured moments. 

Nothing is lived again twice. You just have that moment!

Make it count!

Live your dreams!

Don’t wait for things to happen!

Give yourself the power to live it and make it happen!

True bliss is in all those moments lived best!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The journey of a self made woman!!

 One sunny morning by the beach, I found true inspiring stories. I was moved beyond tears! I had the good opportunity of meeting powerful women. Who made it happen in their lives! By their sheer Grit!

Their will to succeed and achieve!

Akku was 7 when she came to Goa . Oldest of the 4 siblings. Her mother was a self made woman.She made a living by collecting trash on the beach .She always wanted Akku to study, but due to financial restraints could not do. Some philanthropist souls on the beach started teaching Akku . Akku is good at 8 languages. English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Russian, German, Finnish, Persian. She is supporting her parents. Built a house for them. Educating her 3 siblings. Taking care of her family . Now mother of 3. What an inspiring Person!

Now she works at the beach . Sells her wares . She met a wonderful German philanthropist who is helping wher educate her siblings . He’s sponsoring their education. Humanity does exist!

I was moved by their journey. Self made in its truest form. A happy soul! A twinkling , sparkling , smiling person. 

I could not stop the writer in me. 

A beautiful soul with a  happy smile!

She taught me a brilliant new smile by the beach.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Lyra at the wedding

 Lyra was very excited. Gramps was also a bit stable now. She was going for her best friend’s Rehearsal Dinner. The wedding was day after. Tomorrow night they had a dinner party at the garden.

Lyra wore her Mint green king gown. Leaving her curling hair in a messy bun. Her hair had a will of it’s  own tonight. It was a place tucked away in the hills. A small open garden area. Incidentally the couple was Niklos’s close friends too. He would be picking her up.

Just then she heard Niklos by the door. He whistled under his breath. His eyes lighting up.

He softly said” You look smashing”!

Lyra smiled and thanked him.

Niklos halted her .

Turned her around.

Took her wrist. Extracted a velvet long box and took out a beautiful Diamonds and Aquamarine stone bracelet . So delicately set. Lyra loved it. 

He slid it on her wrist,

Lyra told him, he didn’t have to do this.

Niklos smiled and said “ Humour me”!

They left for the dinner.

It was a beautiful place,

Niklos and Lyra enjoying themselves.

Dancing till midnight.

Lyra was growing comfortable with Niklos.

She rested her head on his shoulder as they kept waltzing the evening.

While dropping her home.

He kissed her thoroughly 

Leaving her looking more beautiful and flushed😀

Do you think Lyra will melt?

Stay tuned.



Childhood memories always come back to haunt you.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Happy Women’s Day!!!

 Women the quintessential of Mankind. The creation which strives harder in every era. Women are  the dynamics at every forte. Built with immense strength, magnitude, perception. They conquer it all!

I do not mean the success statistics. I mean their struggles in their day to day lives. Each woman out there is unique and one in a billion! Incidentally she is!

Juggling womanhood, motherhood, friendships, priorities, her passion calling. Whooo! 😅😅

She’s quite a Rockstar!

Then she has to be Put together!

She is a touch of sass and spice 

With a dash of humour!

Sprinkled with stardust of,


Dipped in compassion!

She wears positivity as her favourite designer label!

She is the woman of today!

At any time do not let anything take that away from you!

Or make you feel less!

You are a multi faceted personality!

You do a lot!

Hug yourself!

Pat your back!

March ahead in the Light of God!!!

Lyra Mellowed!

 Niklos and Lyra rushed to the main house. Her grandfather did look tired . Suddenly very old and feeble . Lyra loved him a lot. After her father’s death, he had been her strength and force. She quietly started weeping. 

Niklos quietly came and laid a hand on her shoulder. Quietly comforting her. After sometime, when he looked a little better. They left and went to their villas. Her cousins were planning to just meet and just keep a watch on her gramps.

They were gathering at the main house. Lyra came and went for a swim. The water always managed to soothe her. She remained in it for sometime. Then quickly went in to change.

She wore a floral mint green flowy dress. It was particularly hot  tonight. Keeping her make up light. Just wearing tiny Pearl drops, she was ready.

Her mother had gone to meet one of her close friends. As she came out, Niklos was waiting for her. He brought her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers. Lyra felt very touched . She had tears in her eyes.

Niklos took her quietly in his arms . Let her rest a while.

They walked quietly to the main house in companionable silence.

Will Lyra melt?

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Era of Plans!!

 I loved this when I read it . Instantly! It spoke of all I would always think of . Ironically! I never made back up plans!! I would always wonder! Is it good or bad! Always a nagging voice would snigger at me. You never have an emergency, back up plan .

The other day, when I came across this , I was relieved. For once that voice was wrong. It always boasted of being right.

I would always aim to make my Plan A, the best. Well! We are all humans so we might” ERR.”

It’s perfectly fine to “ ERR”.

The phobia attached with committing mistakes is what actually in turn stifles our growth. Just go with the flow.

What will happen? You will Re-Do it.

Do not always associate everything with perfection. At all times! 

Let the human in you feel like a human!

Enjoy the Ride!

We are here for a limited time.

Just smile and sail through 😊

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Automated Responses!

 The Era of automated response!

Alas! Thought Arzu! From the banks, to the telephone companies, tele marketing!

God where are those sweet pleasant voices!

The era of Robotics!

Presented Proudly!

Arzu thought to herself as she was getting ready for work!

My beautiful day starts with automated responses from my dear family!

By repeatedly asking, what has to be cooked. I get a half hearted irritated response!

Hubby is busy as usual. When he’s home he’s glued to his laptop and the constant blocking of his hearing by the dreaded ear phones!

It’s fine ! Thought Arzu!

As long as I’m at least given the animated response properly!

Only her dear Vimla bai was someone , she could pour her heart too.

Both holding a conference, deciding the most important topic of the day” What has to be cooked”?

Then Arzu would leave for work.

In the evening the battle would begin at the table.

“ Mummy! Why did you cook “ Bhendi”!

“ I hate it!

Comes one wail!

The second starts from the other end.

“ I hate this curry”

Please make note! This was after being asked repeatedly!

Then my husband very quietly gives his valued opinion”!” 

“ Aaj Namak dalna bhool gaye”!

What a grand finale!

After all this !

I quietly take myself out for a dessert date!

I need a sugar, caffeine , chocolate fix”

The age of automated responses!

Stay tuned for more!!


Childhood Beckons!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Reward Yourself!

 Reward yourself often!

It’s paramount!

Buy that make-up!

Dress in that dress you have been longing to get for yourself!

Walk around in those stilettos 👠 proudly around!

Smile for no reason!

Do all this!

And more!

Dare and bare your soul!

Wear that exotic perfume!

Meet your gal gang and laugh it aloud!

Stop saving up for special occasions!

You are alive!


That’s special

 You are a woman!

Wowww! That’s even more special!

So something special? Does it not call for celebration!

Go live it up!

Celebrate being a woman!

Each moment!

Musings of the Solitary


Monday, March 1, 2021

of the Phoenix

 Ode to womanhood! 

Every single Moment!

Every single day!

Every single Era!

Every single Decade!

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...