Friday, February 12, 2021

You are the Best!

 I came across this. I was instantly inspired to write. Each one’s definition of beauty will be different and so is their perception. You don’t have to and you don’t need to adhere to anyone’s standards. As long as you feel beautiful! That’s enough!

However you are! You are made by the same creator. He’s made all of us differently , uniquely and beautifully dissimilar!

That’s the beauty of signature style pieces! 

Each one of you out there is a signature style piece!

So value yourself immensely!

Love yourself and the ones who love you and like you the way you are!

The ones who accept you with all your flaws!

Beauty is not skin deep!!!

True beauty is soul deep!

Heart felt!

Good Morning beautiful souls!


  1. This is the beauty of the writer and the poet in you..! You turn the morning wishes into a lovely writing piece...whether it's a morning without a coffee or just a realization of being a multi tasking woman...every thought and experience captured and framed in beautiful words...Amazing writer you are!

  2. Thank you Almas 💕💕🥰Always appreciate you being here. You motivate me to write better truly😊


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