Sunday, February 7, 2021


 The roles played by a woman are many. Yet! Truly which one does she play whole heartedly? Does she get a choice in the sequence of events of life. One after the other an instruction manual is handed to her . To keep performing. If in one her performance lacks, she’s given a criticism form! 

Wow! So true! 

Yet women live with all this! For years they forget themselves. Just falling into a pattern of breathing.

Notice! I used  the word “ Breathing”.

Living! Really does she live!

With the norms, traditions, comparisons, prejudices, biases, sacrifices, so many more to go.

Sounds tiring and stifling!

Yet for years women have lived confined , stifled and labelled. Living with sneers, smirks and snarls.

Shunned for voicing their thoughts. 

Decades, centuries later , women still buried alive! Hated for being a girl!

When will women get a chance to live?

Not breathe! Live wholly! Freely!

Just what she would like to do!


Just for herself!

Not to adhere to any norms!


It’s still a long rocky terrain for women! 

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