Monday, February 22, 2021


 The power of understanding! The power of being understood!

What a magnificent concept for mankind!

Have we ever taken a moment to understand the requisite of this simple word” our entire philosophy of life just rests here! “

Every relationship demands it.

When a child is born, what are the parents trying to do!

Understand the new born. Teenagers! The same drill.

Spouses, parents, teachers, professionals!

Each struggling! Each trying hard in its bid to understand the other.

Today the universe is in turmoil understanding mankind.

Mankind is in a turmoil understanding each other.

Humanity is in the doldrums! It’s not understood at all!

Understanding is what will make you soft hearted!

Clear sighted! Notice! I have used the word clear here. Reason being. We see! We all do! How much are we really seeing today? In the mad rush called “ Life”.

The “ Pandemic” is nothing but the sign for us to halt and see human beings!

See Humanity being crippled!

The art of loving , understanding!

To be revoked again!

Granted a new lease of life!

Nature is taking its own course!

Is Nature not upsetting the equilibrium!


Have you paused to think!

Good Morning souls!

Let us start practising the art of being “ Understanding”!

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