Sunday, February 21, 2021

Roles of Women

 Multiple roles demanded by society! One being , multitude of tasks Expected!

Why is it that women are time and again just expected to fall into performing all the roles to perfection. Why is it always the prerogative of a woman?

Without being handed manuals, she is expected to become perfect! Has society and time always been just to a woman! A question deeply pondered during the pandemic.

The pandemic took away the little space women would get , by stepping g out for work.

Confined at home, with household tasks, working and helping out the children.

All have to be performed! And mind you with perfection!

Why does it so happen? When the time to give us something, it’s always readily expected of a woman to do at all times?

The big question why?

Since a long time I have been wanting to write on this .

Do not feel guilty for taking out some time for yourself.

Give one hour in the day, just for yourself.

Shout out everything !

Just enjoy your me time.

“ A date with yourself!!

A requisite!



Maintain a gratitude journal!

Write your little joys!

It will go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied!

Remember! Sacrificing does not have to be done to prove yourself at all times!

Unfortunately conditioned by society.

We think if women sacrifice. They are truly the best!

You are best ! Al all times!

Just the way you are!!

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