Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Reminiscent about verandas

 Verandas always give a very soothing calming effect. I remember during my college days, I would sit out just gazing at the blossoming buds. Enjoying their colours and fragrances. Newspaper in hand and my mug of cocoa then! Now of course it is my piping hot cup of cappuccino! Now I have the cappuccino but Alas! No veranda.

I would read the newspaper at length. Delaying it , so that I would not be called to do the gardening chores, assigned by my mother. I would only enjoying watering the plants! Weeding was something I dreaded. But unfortunately! My turn would come eventually!

In summers! We would be lounging out late on the veranda with my cousins. Sometimes narrating horror stories. Then too scared to sleep! We would smuggle our goodies, snacks and just chatting away!

During exams , it would be the perfect place to study ! Tucked away! Quiet and still!

The joys of the bygones!

Who knew that would also come in the category of “ once upon a time”!!

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