Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Lyra Worried

 Lyra rushed to her grandfather. The doctor had come . He was having difficulty in breathing. He was put on oxygen, to ease his breathing. He refused to go to the hospital, stubborn that he was. Niklos was there before she came. Towards Dawn doctor urged both of them to rest a bit and come back later.

They went home , tried sleeping. Lyra was falling asleep, then again waking up after a jolt . Finally around 10 she got out of bed and decided to go sit with her grandfather. She was just finishing her coffee, when Niklos called her. Her grandfather wanted to speak to them urgently!

Lyra rushed sat by her grandfather. He haltingly spoke. He said “ Can I ask you both for something? 

They immediately answered in unison “ yes”!

“ Will you honour my dying wish”? 

He asked very softly!

He continued” I want to see both of you married”!

Niklos and Lyra were shocked.

An instant deathly silence fell on the room.

They were both caught.

They had no choice but to agree.

After he was given a sedative. Her grandfather was sleeping soundly. Niklos and Lyra left.

The minute they were out Lyra unleashed his fury” This is not some love match! So do not be too happy about it!

Niklos answered “ You make it sound, like I planned the whole episode!

Lyra continued”I would not put anything past you!

Saying that she stormed to her villa!

Leaving Niklos angry and baffled!

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