Saturday, February 20, 2021

Lyra Grumpier

 Lyra decided to go into Santorini and meet her favourite dress designer. She planned to go there with her favourite cousin Sasha. Niklos also wanted to come along.

Lyra did not want Niklos to come. In the end Niklos, Sasha and Lyra went together. They met the dress designer. Ordered quite a few things . Some insisted by Niklos. They had lunch at their favourite cafe. They were reputed for their coffees and grilled sandwiches. After lunch Sasha excused herself . She was meeting her friends . She said , she’ll see them tonight for dinner.

The minute Sasha was out of the town square. Lyra turned angrily at Niklos. “ You cannot decide things for me. I will do it”.

Niklos was confused.” What did I do”? He muttered.

Lyra and Niklos had a terrible argument. They were quiet on the way. Sullen silence!

He had barely stopped the car. She got out and banged the car door.

Niklos winced.

“ This woman will be my Death”!

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