Sunday, February 28, 2021

Lyra Determined!

 Lyra decided to speak to her grandfather. This was absolutely insane! She was not going to get married to Niklos! Impossible!

She was stormy and angry! She called up the main house. Spoke to the nurse. She told her, he’s doing much better. 

Next she called up Niklos . Asking him to meet her in an hour’s time at their favourite taverna.

Lyra got ready . She wore a cream sundress. Her hair tied up. She was  already seething and Niklos always left her more angry.

She did not want her mother to overhear the conversation. She wanted to speak to him uninterrupted.

Niklos was very polite and almost smiling. One look at Lyra’s face. He knew! He was in for a long one!

He sent a silent prayer “ God Save me”.

After ordering their cranberry lemonades, a gourmet special sandwiches croissant. They sat down for their talk.

Lyra instantly started” Granddad is much better”!

I think we can both go and convince him. It’s insane. I just cannot get married to you.

Niklos bristled “ You always make it like , I am dying to get married to you. Let me remind you . I have been pushed into it too”.

Lyra was hardly in a mood to be pacified . 

She went on. “ What do you care?

For that matter . When have you ever cared”!

Niklos had enough of this woman.

He took her hand and went to his car.

Lyra lost it.

She turned to speak to Niklos.

Niklos dragged her against him and shut her up! 

With one best thing.

He kissed her deeply and passionately .

Leaving her dazed.

He chuckled to himself as he sat down in the car” Even more mad at him”!

Her eyes could kill right now!

Just then the phone rang. As Lyra sat down.

Niklos looked grim.

Lyra instantly got worried.

“ Grandad has had another Attack”!


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