Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Lyra Angry

 Lyra was in a terrible mood. How could she marry Niklos. She had barely showered and rested , when she was summoned again. Her grandfather looked a little better, but still feeble.

Niklos was already sitting by his side. Her grandfather haltingly told her to go with him and start ordering what she needed for her wedding. Her trousseau!

She did not want to agitate her grandfather. So she just stayed quiet. Once they were out from there.

Lyra turned angry eyes on Niklos” I can take care of my own clothes. I do not need your help!

Niklos answered patiently” I am going to come with you. Gramps has said. You can choose whatever you like. I am going to pay for it . Let us go and select the ring.

Lyra went with him. Seething from within. They stopped by for lunch at their favourite Taverna. 

They went straight to the family jeweller. Niklos selected a beautiful yellow diamond square ring set in rosey hues of diamanté’s. Lyra loved it instantly.

She could not resist adding” This is too expensive! You do not have to take such an expensive one!

Niklos quietly answered”

I want to!

And so the ring was ordered

They were going to the main Dress Designer tomorrow morning. 

Lyra and Niklos stopped by for coffee.

Niklos patiently told her” Lyra I know this is not what you ever wanted! But now since we do not have a choice. Can we learn to be civil towards each other.”

Lyra nodded.

Niklos was relieved deep down.

He knew Lyra would be a handful and stubborn.

He looked up and said a silent prayer.

“ God Save me”!

What has gramps put me into!

Stay tuned for more excitement and more fights in the coming weeks😀😀😆

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