Saturday, February 13, 2021

Love as understood by me!

 Roses and crimson hues. Love was decorated in many hues. But the love understood by me was all quiet and soulful!

In the journey of life, love always came in many forms . All selfless! Being held dearly in my time of need. Cheered in my time of misery!

Sharing my woes over a cup of coffee. Or just listening to someone pour out their hearts to you .

Surprisingly over the time , the most I liked was being there for others. To be remembered by someone in their times of misery! This is the love I understood!

Selfless without any frills!

No scented candles, no heart shaped chocolates , no bunch of red roses!

Just being there for others always when they need you the most!

Love has been buried in layers today!

The true one buried deep down!

Hope it gets unearthed !

Beneath all these!

The true simple!

Selfless one!

Wishing everyone Happy Valentines!

May the world see more love!!

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