Saturday, February 13, 2021

How I came to hate Peas ( Matar)!

 The story of my hate relationship with peas started in 1993 December. Believe Me! Till then I tolerated Matar. After December till today we are sworn enemies. It was my winter break . We were going to Calcutta for a wedding. I was very excited. I had never been to Calcutta. We reached Calcutta on Christmas . It was beautiful. So festive!

The next few days was fun all the way. I freaked out on the food . Specially their” Pucchkas” in other words Paani Puri. The tram and the Fleury’s bakery pasteries. As I’m writing my mouth is watering. We had a lot of fun . Enjoyed the yumm, delicious food. From there I was going to meet my paternal side of the family based in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. Then to Jaunpur and our small hometown “ Kalanpur’

Lucknow I freaked out on Tunde Kabab. Jaunpur my aunts made yumm kababs and Lucknowi khormas, all our family recipes. It was freezing, yet we were enjoying. 

We reached kalanpur , to meet our other relations. The torture of the matar started. Alas! Little did I know, I would get to taste Matar in every possible form! So innovative! Yet detested by me!

From breakfast, I was given Matar roti . I kind of enjoyed. Then mid day I went for a walk in our fields and was given a short tour and explained the importance of matar in U.P households in winter. Being a half Upite , it was being driven home. Lunch again two curries had matar which I quietly was taking out and throwing it down and brushing it under the chair , surreptitiously!

Tea time the visits started , I was repeatedly assaulted by matar in every possible form. So that night I skipped dinner dreading another round of matar. 

Then next morning our farm produce was brought in for tasting by the jovial caretaker. A basket full of matar. By now I wanted to scream my lungs out. Matar and I sat and stared balefully at each other. 

We were going to Aligarh after that. My maternal side of the family . Hoping to relish some Hyderabadi food. My dear aunt had also made khorma with matar. My brothers and I screamed. Then we were taken to a nice kabab joint . Where we had awesome kababs and parathas.

We were coming back to Hyderabad. Dinner was prepared by my aunt. We just wanted “ Khatti Dal”, Talawa Gosh and rice.

Guess what waited for us. Matar pulao with all this.

Luckily she had plain rice.

So the story of my hate relationship with matar came to an end . And till today I don’t eat Matar.

And make it a point not to go to Lucknow in the month of December. Trying to keep away from the torment of Matar!

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