Friday, February 5, 2021

Dinner Drama

 Lyra came back refreshed. She rested awhile. She loved her favourite unwinding ritual. Soak in the tub with her favourite Magnolia and Lavender oils! She got her mother ready in time. Today the dinner was being hosted at her grandfather’s huge Formal estate Ball room.

A magnificent property and a beautiful wooden floor ball room! It was a formal event, with almost 500 guests!

Lyra’s gown was tonight an ensemble in black and crimson Lace! Embellished with Swarovski! It was a beautiful creation done by her favourite designer! She wore her antique jewellery! Her grandmother’s , a beautiful tear drop huge ruby pendent and ear rings! A lovely ring to go with it. She left her hair in lazy loose curls . Her hair in burnished hues! Her eyes were accentuated in grey Smokey tones!

She simply looked breathtakingly beautiful! Of course! As always! She was oblivious to it!

The party was in full swing when they reached.

Niklos greeted her and complimented her. Her grandfather was very happy to see her. She met many of her childhood friends. It was very relaxing . Suddenly Niklos came and asked her for a dance!

They danced for few numbers! When suddenly someone tapped Niklos from behind! It was carina! She looked good as ever. Lyra’s whole body language changed. She stiffened and excused herself. Niklos tried to stop her. But Lyra’s cousin came to greet her just then. At the sit down dinner, Carina , sat next to Niklos. Lyra ignored Niklos completely after that.

She didn’t meet him at all!

That evening came back to her again. Which had driven both of them apart.

Lyra left with her cousins!

She had reached home and was just getting into bed!

When her phone rang! It was her grandfather’s care taker.

Lyra instantly got worried.

She answered. He was sounding hysterical!

Lyra answered” I’m coming!

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