Sunday, February 28, 2021

Lyra Determined!

 Lyra decided to speak to her grandfather. This was absolutely insane! She was not going to get married to Niklos! Impossible!

She was stormy and angry! She called up the main house. Spoke to the nurse. She told her, he’s doing much better. 

Next she called up Niklos . Asking him to meet her in an hour’s time at their favourite taverna.

Lyra got ready . She wore a cream sundress. Her hair tied up. She was  already seething and Niklos always left her more angry.

She did not want her mother to overhear the conversation. She wanted to speak to him uninterrupted.

Niklos was very polite and almost smiling. One look at Lyra’s face. He knew! He was in for a long one!

He sent a silent prayer “ God Save me”.

After ordering their cranberry lemonades, a gourmet special sandwiches croissant. They sat down for their talk.

Lyra instantly started” Granddad is much better”!

I think we can both go and convince him. It’s insane. I just cannot get married to you.

Niklos bristled “ You always make it like , I am dying to get married to you. Let me remind you . I have been pushed into it too”.

Lyra was hardly in a mood to be pacified . 

She went on. “ What do you care?

For that matter . When have you ever cared”!

Niklos had enough of this woman.

He took her hand and went to his car.

Lyra lost it.

She turned to speak to Niklos.

Niklos dragged her against him and shut her up! 

With one best thing.

He kissed her deeply and passionately .

Leaving her dazed.

He chuckled to himself as he sat down in the car” Even more mad at him”!

Her eyes could kill right now!

Just then the phone rang. As Lyra sat down.

Niklos looked grim.

Lyra instantly got worried.

“ Grandad has had another Attack”!

Hello March!


A beautiful month of spring waits ahead. Hopefully bringing joy to one and all!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Hope for a beautiful spring every morning!



Saturday, February 27, 2021

Power of Thoughts

A beautiful morning had dawned! Crisp and sunny! Yet for Kaira it was a miserable one. Her sorrows kept them tightly in its grasp. Just then her friend called. Her mood was lifted. It was an unseen, unspoken bond. Almost telepathy.

It was a heartfelt bond. Kaira came home a happier person. Her sorrow forgotten!

The power of thoughts is indeed very strong! Never let it go unattended. Wishing and manifesting does happen.

The universe is always waiting to listen. What would you like the universe to listen to? 

Things you would like to manifest. Keep intending!

Watch the magic unfold!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Have a lovely day ahead 😊😊


Friday, February 26, 2021

Bonfire of Destiny

I got the inspiration to write this from a series on Netflix. It was titled “ Bonfire of Destiny”. For a day , I kept contemplating. Then I could not resist it. It’s a series based around the French Revolution. When I was writing it, something about the revolution, kept popping up in my thoughts! 

Monday, February 22, 2021


 The power of understanding! The power of being understood!

What a magnificent concept for mankind!

Have we ever taken a moment to understand the requisite of this simple word” our entire philosophy of life just rests here! “

Every relationship demands it.

When a child is born, what are the parents trying to do!

Understand the new born. Teenagers! The same drill.

Spouses, parents, teachers, professionals!

Each struggling! Each trying hard in its bid to understand the other.

Today the universe is in turmoil understanding mankind.

Mankind is in a turmoil understanding each other.

Humanity is in the doldrums! It’s not understood at all!

Understanding is what will make you soft hearted!

Clear sighted! Notice! I have used the word clear here. Reason being. We see! We all do! How much are we really seeing today? In the mad rush called “ Life”.

The “ Pandemic” is nothing but the sign for us to halt and see human beings!

See Humanity being crippled!

The art of loving , understanding!

To be revoked again!

Granted a new lease of life!

Nature is taking its own course!

Is Nature not upsetting the equilibrium!


Have you paused to think!

Good Morning souls!

Let us start practising the art of being “ Understanding”!

A love story unfolded!

These were the slides given. It was a visual prompt. I used all to make it a story.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Roles of Women

 Multiple roles demanded by society! One being , multitude of tasks Expected!

Why is it that women are time and again just expected to fall into performing all the roles to perfection. Why is it always the prerogative of a woman?

Without being handed manuals, she is expected to become perfect! Has society and time always been just to a woman! A question deeply pondered during the pandemic.

The pandemic took away the little space women would get , by stepping g out for work.

Confined at home, with household tasks, working and helping out the children.

All have to be performed! And mind you with perfection!

Why does it so happen? When the time to give us something, it’s always readily expected of a woman to do at all times?

The big question why?

Since a long time I have been wanting to write on this .

Do not feel guilty for taking out some time for yourself.

Give one hour in the day, just for yourself.

Shout out everything !

Just enjoy your me time.

“ A date with yourself!!

A requisite!



Maintain a gratitude journal!

Write your little joys!

It will go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied!

Remember! Sacrificing does not have to be done to prove yourself at all times!

Unfortunately conditioned by society.

We think if women sacrifice. They are truly the best!

You are best ! Al all times!

Just the way you are!!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Lyra Grumpier

 Lyra decided to go into Santorini and meet her favourite dress designer. She planned to go there with her favourite cousin Sasha. Niklos also wanted to come along.

Lyra did not want Niklos to come. In the end Niklos, Sasha and Lyra went together. They met the dress designer. Ordered quite a few things . Some insisted by Niklos. They had lunch at their favourite cafe. They were reputed for their coffees and grilled sandwiches. After lunch Sasha excused herself . She was meeting her friends . She said , she’ll see them tonight for dinner.

The minute Sasha was out of the town square. Lyra turned angrily at Niklos. “ You cannot decide things for me. I will do it”.

Niklos was confused.” What did I do”? He muttered.

Lyra and Niklos had a terrible argument. They were quiet on the way. Sullen silence!

He had barely stopped the car. She got out and banged the car door.

Niklos winced.

“ This woman will be my Death”!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Hope unfurled

 Hope the thread which keeps humanity afloat!

Compassion Adrift!

What a power packed this four letter is!

Good Morning 😊

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Lyra Angry

 Lyra was in a terrible mood. How could she marry Niklos. She had barely showered and rested , when she was summoned again. Her grandfather looked a little better, but still feeble.

Niklos was already sitting by his side. Her grandfather haltingly told her to go with him and start ordering what she needed for her wedding. Her trousseau!

She did not want to agitate her grandfather. So she just stayed quiet. Once they were out from there.

Lyra turned angry eyes on Niklos” I can take care of my own clothes. I do not need your help!

Niklos answered patiently” I am going to come with you. Gramps has said. You can choose whatever you like. I am going to pay for it . Let us go and select the ring.

Lyra went with him. Seething from within. They stopped by for lunch at their favourite Taverna. 

They went straight to the family jeweller. Niklos selected a beautiful yellow diamond square ring set in rosey hues of diamanté’s. Lyra loved it instantly.

She could not resist adding” This is too expensive! You do not have to take such an expensive one!

Niklos quietly answered”

I want to!

And so the ring was ordered

They were going to the main Dress Designer tomorrow morning. 

Lyra and Niklos stopped by for coffee.

Niklos patiently told her” Lyra I know this is not what you ever wanted! But now since we do not have a choice. Can we learn to be civil towards each other.”

Lyra nodded.

Niklos was relieved deep down.

He knew Lyra would be a handful and stubborn.

He looked up and said a silent prayer.

“ God Save me”!

What has gramps put me into!

Stay tuned for more excitement and more fights in the coming weeks😀😀😆

Featured on a writers page

Monday, February 15, 2021

Kindness does not go Unnoticed!


Kindness is the truest joy! 

An act of kindness goes a long way! In your journey, you will come across new people! Some might leave you.  Some might continue. Who stays how long, is always a dear thought. But your act of kindness has no lease. Whether you are there or no. It will always be remembered by the person. Planting a smile, wistfully you shall be remembered. What better legacy than this.

Left on people’s hearts and souls! Till time immemorial!

Good Morning!



Good Morning!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Heartfelt voice

 When there’s only chaos around you. Uncertainty! Undecidedness! 

Turn to that tiny voice within you. It’s usually right, Motivating! Inspiring! 

Incredibly Right!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a lovely day Ahead!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Love as understood by me!

 Roses and crimson hues. Love was decorated in many hues. But the love understood by me was all quiet and soulful!

In the journey of life, love always came in many forms . All selfless! Being held dearly in my time of need. Cheered in my time of misery!

Sharing my woes over a cup of coffee. Or just listening to someone pour out their hearts to you .

Surprisingly over the time , the most I liked was being there for others. To be remembered by someone in their times of misery! This is the love I understood!

Selfless without any frills!

No scented candles, no heart shaped chocolates , no bunch of red roses!

Just being there for others always when they need you the most!

Love has been buried in layers today!

The true one buried deep down!

Hope it gets unearthed !

Beneath all these!

The true simple!

Selfless one!

Wishing everyone Happy Valentines!

May the world see more love!!

How I came to hate Peas ( Matar)!

 The story of my hate relationship with peas started in 1993 December. Believe Me! Till then I tolerated Matar. After December till today we are sworn enemies. It was my winter break . We were going to Calcutta for a wedding. I was very excited. I had never been to Calcutta. We reached Calcutta on Christmas . It was beautiful. So festive!

The next few days was fun all the way. I freaked out on the food . Specially their” Pucchkas” in other words Paani Puri. The tram and the Fleury’s bakery pasteries. As I’m writing my mouth is watering. We had a lot of fun . Enjoyed the yumm, delicious food. From there I was going to meet my paternal side of the family based in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. Then to Jaunpur and our small hometown “ Kalanpur’

Lucknow I freaked out on Tunde Kabab. Jaunpur my aunts made yumm kababs and Lucknowi khormas, all our family recipes. It was freezing, yet we were enjoying. 

We reached kalanpur , to meet our other relations. The torture of the matar started. Alas! Little did I know, I would get to taste Matar in every possible form! So innovative! Yet detested by me!

From breakfast, I was given Matar roti . I kind of enjoyed. Then mid day I went for a walk in our fields and was given a short tour and explained the importance of matar in U.P households in winter. Being a half Upite , it was being driven home. Lunch again two curries had matar which I quietly was taking out and throwing it down and brushing it under the chair , surreptitiously!

Tea time the visits started , I was repeatedly assaulted by matar in every possible form. So that night I skipped dinner dreading another round of matar. 

Then next morning our farm produce was brought in for tasting by the jovial caretaker. A basket full of matar. By now I wanted to scream my lungs out. Matar and I sat and stared balefully at each other. 

We were going to Aligarh after that. My maternal side of the family . Hoping to relish some Hyderabadi food. My dear aunt had also made khorma with matar. My brothers and I screamed. Then we were taken to a nice kabab joint . Where we had awesome kababs and parathas.

We were coming back to Hyderabad. Dinner was prepared by my aunt. We just wanted “ Khatti Dal”, Talawa Gosh and rice.

Guess what waited for us. Matar pulao with all this.

Luckily she had plain rice.

So the story of my hate relationship with matar came to an end . And till today I don’t eat Matar.

And make it a point not to go to Lucknow in the month of December. Trying to keep away from the torment of Matar!

Friday, February 12, 2021

You are the Best!

 I came across this. I was instantly inspired to write. Each one’s definition of beauty will be different and so is their perception. You don’t have to and you don’t need to adhere to anyone’s standards. As long as you feel beautiful! That’s enough!

However you are! You are made by the same creator. He’s made all of us differently , uniquely and beautifully dissimilar!

That’s the beauty of signature style pieces! 

Each one of you out there is a signature style piece!

So value yourself immensely!

Love yourself and the ones who love you and like you the way you are!

The ones who accept you with all your flaws!

Beauty is not skin deep!!!

True beauty is soul deep!

Heart felt!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Thursday, February 11, 2021


 Let each day be special! Each day ring a bell of Positivity! Let it wash away the worry of yesterday!

Good Morning!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021



Lyra Worried

 Lyra rushed to her grandfather. The doctor had come . He was having difficulty in breathing. He was put on oxygen, to ease his breathing. He refused to go to the hospital, stubborn that he was. Niklos was there before she came. Towards Dawn doctor urged both of them to rest a bit and come back later.

They went home , tried sleeping. Lyra was falling asleep, then again waking up after a jolt . Finally around 10 she got out of bed and decided to go sit with her grandfather. She was just finishing her coffee, when Niklos called her. Her grandfather wanted to speak to them urgently!

Lyra rushed sat by her grandfather. He haltingly spoke. He said “ Can I ask you both for something? 

They immediately answered in unison “ yes”!

“ Will you honour my dying wish”? 

He asked very softly!

He continued” I want to see both of you married”!

Niklos and Lyra were shocked.

An instant deathly silence fell on the room.

They were both caught.

They had no choice but to agree.

After he was given a sedative. Her grandfather was sleeping soundly. Niklos and Lyra left.

The minute they were out Lyra unleashed his fury” This is not some love match! So do not be too happy about it!

Niklos answered “ You make it sound, like I planned the whole episode!

Lyra continued”I would not put anything past you!

Saying that she stormed to her villa!

Leaving Niklos angry and baffled!

Abandoned Dreams


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Dawn of Positivity


I never thought of the importance of waiting for a new Dawn! Today I wait for it, wondering what new positivity lies in store for me! In short! Every Dawn hope for the very best. Thinking of it! If it hasn’t been, for some reason, tomorrow is another day.

Never lose hope. That’s what takes us ahead. Surging through life!

Colours of valentines



You nurtured me. You built me into a caring being. Showed me resilience and fortitude. In your caring arms , I found the essence of living. Love takes you through highs and lows of life in a beautiful manner. If love is by your side. Each battle is won effortlessly.
Love is the spirit which grows into compassion. Teaches us gratitude. How to count our blessings. Love warms many a hearts and hearth.
Let each heart be filled with love!
Let each heart know the joy of being loved!
Let the world be driven with the force of love!
Let love love be at the helm of our lives!
Which makes it go round!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Voice of Silence!



 The choice of living another day to it’s full, is entirely yours. How you live it. Remember! Each moment gone is gone! You never get back lost moments! 

In the journey of life, all these beautiful moments lived will complete it to the full.

Good Morning!

Sunday, February 7, 2021


 The roles played by a woman are many. Yet! Truly which one does she play whole heartedly? Does she get a choice in the sequence of events of life. One after the other an instruction manual is handed to her . To keep performing. If in one her performance lacks, she’s given a criticism form! 

Wow! So true! 

Yet women live with all this! For years they forget themselves. Just falling into a pattern of breathing.

Notice! I used  the word “ Breathing”.

Living! Really does she live!

With the norms, traditions, comparisons, prejudices, biases, sacrifices, so many more to go.

Sounds tiring and stifling!

Yet for years women have lived confined , stifled and labelled. Living with sneers, smirks and snarls.

Shunned for voicing their thoughts. 

Decades, centuries later , women still buried alive! Hated for being a girl!

When will women get a chance to live?

Not breathe! Live wholly! Freely!

Just what she would like to do!


Just for herself!

Not to adhere to any norms!


It’s still a long rocky terrain for women! 

Blessed Morning

 A beautiful morning, just some thoughts of what has been , what might be. Gratitude for blessings, even the tiniest ones. Just some morning musings. The power of good breathing. The opening of senses! And of course! Cannot forget my coffee ☕️ 😀

When I do not write about my coffee ☕️ for long, I feel totally lost. A vital part of me is missing. 

Have a lovely week ahead beautiful souls!

Month of love , it’s called.

Start by loving yourself first.

The most important!

Stay blessed. Keep loving yourself😊


 My winning poem in a poetry page😊

Saturday, February 6, 2021


 A luminous glow in the journey of life!

Spread your hue !

Far and wide!

Long after the candle!

Is spent!

Let the light warm!

Each heart!

And being!

For long!

In its after shine!!!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Whispers of the Little Angel

 This morning a beautiful little angel, came and stood near my window. He had the most gentlest smile. He took my hand and made me transverse to a beautiful new height!

Every morning do believe in the magic of something beautiful about to be unfolded!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Dinner Drama

 Lyra came back refreshed. She rested awhile. She loved her favourite unwinding ritual. Soak in the tub with her favourite Magnolia and Lavender oils! She got her mother ready in time. Today the dinner was being hosted at her grandfather’s huge Formal estate Ball room.

A magnificent property and a beautiful wooden floor ball room! It was a formal event, with almost 500 guests!

Lyra’s gown was tonight an ensemble in black and crimson Lace! Embellished with Swarovski! It was a beautiful creation done by her favourite designer! She wore her antique jewellery! Her grandmother’s , a beautiful tear drop huge ruby pendent and ear rings! A lovely ring to go with it. She left her hair in lazy loose curls . Her hair in burnished hues! Her eyes were accentuated in grey Smokey tones!

She simply looked breathtakingly beautiful! Of course! As always! She was oblivious to it!

The party was in full swing when they reached.

Niklos greeted her and complimented her. Her grandfather was very happy to see her. She met many of her childhood friends. It was very relaxing . Suddenly Niklos came and asked her for a dance!

They danced for few numbers! When suddenly someone tapped Niklos from behind! It was carina! She looked good as ever. Lyra’s whole body language changed. She stiffened and excused herself. Niklos tried to stop her. But Lyra’s cousin came to greet her just then. At the sit down dinner, Carina , sat next to Niklos. Lyra ignored Niklos completely after that.

She didn’t meet him at all!

That evening came back to her again. Which had driven both of them apart.

Lyra left with her cousins!

She had reached home and was just getting into bed!

When her phone rang! It was her grandfather’s care taker.

Lyra instantly got worried.

She answered. He was sounding hysterical!

Lyra answered” I’m coming!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Soul Stirrings!!

Murmurs of my soul!! Quietly speaking to me! Sometimes it’s so beautiful to just listen to your heart and whispers of your soul!

The month of Love! Love yourself the most!

Show the same love to yourself, which you liberally give it out to others!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Reminiscent about verandas

 Verandas always give a very soothing calming effect. I remember during my college days, I would sit out just gazing at the blossoming buds. Enjoying their colours and fragrances. Newspaper in hand and my mug of cocoa then! Now of course it is my piping hot cup of cappuccino! Now I have the cappuccino but Alas! No veranda.

I would read the newspaper at length. Delaying it , so that I would not be called to do the gardening chores, assigned by my mother. I would only enjoying watering the plants! Weeding was something I dreaded. But unfortunately! My turn would come eventually!

In summers! We would be lounging out late on the veranda with my cousins. Sometimes narrating horror stories. Then too scared to sleep! We would smuggle our goodies, snacks and just chatting away!

During exams , it would be the perfect place to study ! Tucked away! Quiet and still!

The joys of the bygones!

Who knew that would also come in the category of “ once upon a time”!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dawn Musings

 I have always felt, that the morning speaks to me! An unspoken agreement of mutual understanding of each other! Each still moment! The morning quiet! There is something truly beautiful and magical about it!

Every Dawn a beautiful missive of something splendid to be unfolded!

Stay blessed beautiful sous!

Look for the magic of a new Dawn!!

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...