Wednesday, January 20, 2021


“ Vagabond “ is one of my favourite poems. I always felt , it teaches the life’s best lesson in a beautiful way. “ Learn to be satisfied and Thankful at all times”. 

The Joy and pleasure in his living because he had nothing to worry about. No possessions, nothing to call his own, except the shirt on his back . A bare living of sorts.

My own take on this:

I sat with him

And felt immense joy!

We shared a meal

And laughed a little 

Not a worry 

To crease my forehead

Not a line to mar 

The finery of my face!!

He taught me the meaning 

Of true joy and happiness!!

It was the most satisfying meal

I had ever shared!

Our nature to be attached to our worldly possessions is the most important one to let go. Not let anything get attached to you and you don’t let possessions have the power over you!

I always love the line about vagabond, summarising in my own explanation. I have nothing to worry about because I have nothing to lose. Nothing to worry about. Just love Day to day without any worry creasing . 

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Stay blessed always!!

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