Friday, January 22, 2021

The day my life changed!

 It was a bright sunny day. Alas! Who knew for me, it would bring a harrowing sadness and darken my life for few years . This day , I lost my dad , 36 years ago.

He left just like any other day but never returned. My life also never felt the same. A deep void , a chasm which still remains open. Life did go on . In the requisite of life’s check list , all were ticked. But somewhere that emptiness of his still stays empty . We miss him dearly, every single moment. Yet! Life goes on . 

Yes life does go on. That’s how the creator wants us to be. But deep down, you always feel the miss.

Today I remember him again fondly. His memories stay with us and take us ahead in our journey.

I know you watch over me😊. 

A heavenly star in the sky of the creator. My dad, rests there, and lovingly watches me from there.

Just a heartfelt tribute to my dad’s memories!!!

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