Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sunday Disaster

 Zoey woke up all excited. She was ready with her orders for the day . She was a passionate baker . Her two besties were meeting up with her later on in the day . She was purely excited because they were meeting after a month . Her orders were also all planned . 

Yet Disaster was waiting quietly in the corner to strike!

She was baking her first batch of cupcakes , when there was a loud bang outside her cottage. The transformer had just caught fire . There was a lot of confusion. With the generator back up , she managed to complete the batch . 

Then the diesel in her generator , also finished . She wanted to cry . She went to her neighbor , planning to borrow some diesel for the generator . The neighbor also came up with an empty can . She came back to the cottage and realised, she wasn’t carrying her house key . She was locked out . Meanwhile her friend came to her help by reviving the generator . She managed to make her lemon meringue pie . 

Finally she went in for a long soak in the tub . She was excited to meet her besties . She came out of her bath , hoping to get ready in time .    She had barely manage to iron her clothes, when there was a complete black out . Then quickly she got dressed . She went down and packed her cakes . She had just finished . When the first person was here to take the order.  She had just finished delivering it , when the second person was here for delivery . 

Suddenly as she was sitting in the car , she got a frantic call from the first client “ Mam you have given Lemon Meringue Pie” ! We had ordered for cupcakes. She wanted to scream loudly . Just then she got the second call . It took her another hour to sort out the confusion. 

She was already late for dinner. They relaxed together finally . Enjoying the evening with their favourite food , mock tails and her yummy desserts . 

All’s well that ends well!!

What a Sunday it was!!


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