Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sprinkle kindness

 Every morning start the day with a heartfelt smile . Dust the woes of yesterday. Look forward to what the day brings to you.

Make sure you try practising one act of kindness. Could be in just listening to someone’s sorrows. Lighting up someone’s life by planting a smile on their face. Just doing something for someone selflessly. 

The Joy left in its wake is immense . Today a fellow poet asked me just to help their account grow . The Joy of helping them filled my whole being. 

Leave your imprint in the sands of life , only in the ink of kindness. 

Only what you have left on people’s hearts truly matters in the end . 

We are all travelers , traveling together in the journey of life. If we can help each other out till we reach our final destination, that’s what matters in the end . 

Sprinkle a little kindness. Leave the stardust of soulful thoughts in the universe!!

Lighting and Glistening each one’s path!!!

Good Morning beautiful , Sparkling ✨ souls!! Twinkle your stardust , wherever you go!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

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