Monday, January 4, 2021


 “ We are all rare, and one of a kind”

Never forget this.

Only our paths have been designed differently. Sometimes, I feel it’s done, so that we all don’t get bored.

We have something different to speak over coffee and meals , when we meet our closed ones. That was on a lighter thread.

Today , I came across this line” Remember a kind , gentlest pair of eyes is always watching you”!

Such a beautiful line. So true. There is always someone there for you in life. Your friends, human stars, human angels and some kind , beautiful souls.

I have always found them, when I always felt alone . From out of nowhere, these souls used to make my next lap of journey easier . I would immediately know, who’s sent them.

I would look up , smile and mouth a heartfelt “ Thank you”. I know you love me, so you keep me covered at all times. Least when I expect it.

Good Morning beautiful souls!! Enjoy the day!

Let’s inspire to practice just simple gratitude.

Acknowledge someone who’s done a lot for you or even if they have done just one act of kindness . 

A mental gratitude Journal!!

Spread positivity , cheer and leave your smile, for the despaired souls .

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