Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mountain Sojourn

 Lyra woke up in a lazy mood. She just wanted the day to unfold any which way it liked. She sat on her deck , basking in the morning sunlight. She was lost in her thoughts enjoying the quiet morning and her coffee. She didn’t go for her morning run. She felt her body screaming for a break . She indulged it. 

Just then her phone rang . It was Nikos. She answered on the fourth ring. 

He said in a deep husky voice” Good Morning Carino”!

It was the name , he used for her. Suddenly a lot of memories came back , taking her in its tide.

She answered back “ Good Morning “!

“ Get ready! We are going to our favourite mountain shack for lunch! On the way back we’ll drop in and meet Mama Ores!!

Instantly a beaming smile , decorated Lyra’s face. She was their nanny , who they both loved dearly!

The mountain shack owned by  Alexoes , was their favourite place. 

Lyra got dressed in her comfortable slacks and a baby pink loose shirt. She sported her sneakers and cap. Shielding her eyes with her sunglasses. 

She was excited.

The drive was beautiful. Niklos , was the perfect companion and friend . They both discussed their work , so much catching up to do.

The food was delicious and excellent as ever. They lazed around coffee. 

Then paid a visit to their favourite person. She was so happy to see them together. Wishing in her hearts of hearts to see them joined eternally together!!

The day was beautiful. Lyra had not relaxed , like this, in a long time. Over the years, she had worked herself as a robot. Taking all the responsibilities on her young shoulders! She thought to herself. She should start listening to herself!

Nikos tapped her playfully on her shoulder and said” Penny for your thoughts”

She turned back and gave a genuine smile . “ Thank you Niklos” !

After a long time! I have relaxed like this!

Niklos took her to a beautiful filgiree, quaint little gold shop tucked in the mountainside.

Lyra fell in love with a beautiful circlet ring of flowers. Made by beaten gold.

Niklos insisted and bought for her.

Lyra was reluctant to take it from him. But Niklos insisted.

Finally they reached around 6. 

They had some time to rest , before dinner.

Niklos hugged her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Till we meet again”!!


  1. Ah! I can literally feel every moment of Lyra's day...all the minute details beautifully described...All the stories are so fascinating that sometimes I feel I'm the heroine myself

  2. Woww Almas 😁. That’s so sweet πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. Beautifully described. It’s like watching a movie


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