Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Misty Morning

 This morning was a beautiful misty silhouette! Dewy, Misty and Rainy. The sun also was absent today. Think it needed a break too from shining brightly . But the day was still beautiful. I sat in solitude! Enjoying some quiet moments with my coffee and just my thoughts.

I felt a deep peaceful bliss within, thinking aloud to myself. Even without the Sun today there was still beauty around .

Similarly when life throws various challenges in your path, if you look around carefully, there will still be something to be thankful for . 

Once we realise this treasure, you will always be greatful and happy . Always believe in the power of hidden blessings!! 

Never grieve for something that has been taken away from you . It will be replaced with something more beneficial for you . 

The power of believing ! 

Always keep it going strong . You never be disappointed.

Keep the faith .

Stay blessed wonderful souls .

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