Sunday, January 3, 2021


“ Mistakes make us stronger, and refined”!

This line really made me ponder! Incidentally! Coined by me.

Each one of us , goes through a series of them. Trials and tribulations are another form of it. 

Never detest them. I know it’s very hard , when we are at the crux of it. Sometimes it almost completely breaks you. But when you emerge out of it, what strength envelopes you? Have you ever thought of it. 

I always believe , life and mistakes are the best taught lessons. They drive home the lesson deeper and stronger.

As I journey the path of life deeper, deeper into the woods , I traveled, learning new lessons a day . My smile I paste it and the twinkle in my eye gets brighter! O’ dear life ! Let’s travel to unknown paths together! Hand in Hand !

Move ahead with your strength. Like I always say in  a population of 7 billion, there can be so many , who will love you selflessly, who will love your smile and in the end will just love and respect you , as you are.

No filters!  True! Unadulterated you!

Move ahead with this belief !

Stay blessed beautiful souls!!

Don’t forget to wear your sun kissed smile always 😊

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