Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lyra’s Sunny Demeanour

 Lyra woke up in a jubilant mood . This week all her cousins were gathering at the huge Greek Villa . In truth , it was a huge property of her grandfather’s, where all of them were given a villa . Their grandparents had the biggest one, where they hosted the reunion dinner . It was an annual event . Not missed by anyone in the family . Everyone scheduled their calendars around it . Do or die , everyone had to be there . Her grandfather, still the patriarch of the family. Ruled with an iron fist . Luckily, Lyra was his favourite. She was given a little lax. Many told her , in some ways , she was very close to him in nature. 

Lyra always looked forward to this week of relaxation. Her favourite cousin, would come from London for this . She got her outfits designed by her designer friend. Two events hosted by her grandparents, would have all the Elite and formal dinners. It was exciting every year .

She had driven her mother and settled her in the villa . She went out for a short walk on the beach. Was sitting , watching the sunset. Her cousins were still rolling in . Some settling in , some getting refreshed for the evening dinner . She wanted some quiet moments to herself. 

Suddenly she heard footfalls behind her . A husky voice , called out, she knew very well who it was. Her heart always would start beating erratically. Why couldn’t she let all this die! Why?

“ Hi Lyra! 

She turned back and greeted him” Hi Nikos”!

He smiled and said “ Another year! Still the same”!

She retorted” you too”!

He said “ will there ever be a truce between us”!

She said “ Isn’t this a truce ! Nikos”

He loved the way , she rolled his name before calling out . 

He still could not melt her . When will she come back to him again.

He continued “ I still don’t see a ring on your finger “!

She pointedly, looked at his and replied “Neither on yours”!

He came forward and said “ You know my answer”!

She got up and brushed the sand from her long skirt.

She said “ Nikos you know my answer”!

She started walking towards the villa .

“ See you over dinner”

He quietly whispered” Lyra ! I will melt you!

It’s my promise!

He walked away towards his villa.


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