Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lyra’s Dinner Interlude

 Lyra had a beautiful day. After a long time she had felt free. Light hearted and light spirited! Could it be, because if Nikos? Whispered her naughty , treacherous heart ❤️ πŸ˜‰ winking! Lyra settled her mother and went to take a short nap. She woke up refreshed . She had to get ready for the dinner. She had decided to wear a Peachy Pink floaty, dress ! Keeping in mind the humidity! It was stifling at times! 

She took a long soak in her tub. Relaxing with her soft , favourite music. She came out in time to get her mother ready . She sent her with her cousin to the main house! 

She went to get ready. She did her make up carefully . She was sporting a nice tan already . Lending it’s golden , burnished hue to her glowing skin. She wore dainty Pearl drops , chain and bracelet to complete the outfit. It matched well with her lace trimming on her dress.

Just as she was taking her bag. The doorbell rang!

She went to answer it. It was Nikos! Looking breath takingly handsome in his tuxedo!!

He stood with a bouquet of orchids. He knew they were her favourite. She instantly smiled. “ I take it! It’s a friendly gesture! Nothing more to it ! Right!

Nikos answered “ Yes! Maybe just to show my appreciation for the truce between us”!

She smiled and went to put it in her favourite crystal vase!

Just as she was turning to go. Nikos halted her. He asked her” May I”?

She looked baffled!

He plucked an orchid and tucked it neher ear.

She looked more beautiful. The sensation of his fingers on her ear  , sent a jolt through her.

They walked in companionable silence to the main house.

The dinner guests were all in a jovial mood. The band was belting out beautiful numbers!

Nikos and Lyra danced on quite a few together.

The night went on in full gaiety!

Her grandfather was watching Lyra and Nikos closely!

Laughing to himself!


  1. It's amazing! you never miss the makeup part😘
    The artist in you is also a make-up artist and a fab fashion designer!! The story...the Characters...their bonds...everything beautifully described πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ❤ Lovely!


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