Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lunch at the Beach House

 This was an event looked forward by the entire family . It was a totally fun filled afternoon. A game thrown in, karaoke ๐ŸŽค, dancing, outdoor games. The family usually enjoyed it after a formal event. Everyone wearing their festive best. A special bbq team was called in . New Mocktails were introduced! It was fun all the way!

Lyra came dressed in her sunny best. Wearing a beautiful float sunny yellow spaghetti strap top with her knee length white capris and a straw hat. She looked straight out from a magazine cover. She was in the mood for outdoor games . There was a lot of excitement! Peals of laughter, songs being belted out , some made up as they sang along . Lyra’s Mother was enjoying herself too. Her grandfather looked the happiest.

Nikos was watching Lyra discreetly. He could see that her guard was down. 

Lyra went to rest in the shade a bit. Flushed and rosy cheeked . She took her icy mint mocha and rested a bit on the lounge. Nikos cane and rested on the next one by her side.

He asked” Hi ! 

She replied “ Hi!

He joked “ Hope you won’t bite”!

She laughed . “ No ! I won’t”!

Say what you want to. 

He cleared his throat” Lyra let’s give each other a chance again”!

Let’s start with becoming friends . No pressure.

Just friends”

Lyra took a while in answering.

Then finally conceded” okay! Just Friends!

Nikos wanted to jump and shout with joy. Atleast he had managed to find his footing with her. It was the first step.

He was confident , he would melt her as he went along.

Nikos didn’t leave her side after that. They played beach hand ball. Danced a bit . Sang a duet together.

She looked happy.

Her grandfather was watching them from a distance . He was happy with Nikos. Looks like there would be a grand wedding in the family soon. He better get the silver ware polished! He thought with a smile!


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