Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dinner Dialogue

 Lyra looked etheral in a glory cream lace dress . Perfect for the stifling warmth . She kept her make up light . Already feeling hot . She wore lovely pearl and coral drops and bracelet to accentuate the outfit .she had left her hair in a loose ,tumbling flow  of soft curls. Her soft golden gladiators completed her outfit to perfection. She looked just simply beautiful. Of course ! She didn’t realise that.

They came to the main villa . Her mother looked a little better. Surrounded in the midst of loving  relations. Lyra was immediately seeked by all her cousins . She was their favourite. Her cousin sang beautifully. Out in the garden , the dinner arrangements were made . She belted out beautiful numbers. Today it was just the family . The formal annual dinner was after 2 days . But just the family also comprised of nearly 100. Lyra always looked forward to this event . She was sitting by herself near the gazebo with her favourite dessert. Just enjoying the calm and solitude for sometime. All by herself. Lost!

“ Hi Lyra” !

She turned around and greeted him.

He continued” where were you today?” I didn’t see you at lunch”!

She replied” Don’t tell me that you were missing me”! Which is very unlike you”


He gave a resigned sigh” will you never let the past go . Why can’t we get back again”!

Lyra’s eyes shone with angry brilliance “ Let it go! Don’t you remember that night”

“ you had promised to marry me “! And the next thing I know!.

She stopped there.

He caught hold of her hand .

Lyra snatched it and walked away .

He quietly followed her . Lost in thought.

The party continued till the wee hours . Countless rounds of coffee had successfully finished. 

Her mother had gone to sleep long ago.

Lyra changed and fell into bed . But he kept haunting her dreams!!


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