Thursday, January 7, 2021

Blessed Friday

 A beautiful Friday morning emerges, bright and cheerful. Friday incidentally has always been my favourite day of the week 😁. Reason being , the start of the weekend. I always looked forward to it. 

Today , I started writing my poetry. The word chosen by my inner me, Spontaneously was” Hope”. So I decided to write something about it from my own experiences.

Hope was one thing, which always kept me going. The hope of a better tomorrow and a better everything. Hope instantly makes the believer that there are better , beautiful, golden opportunities lined up for you .

Always keep hope strong within you .

Practice a small token of appreciation and gratitude for Friday. Mentally List out or if you have a gratitude journal , diary or whatever, something this week which you have been immensely grateful for . You had almost no hope of realising it . But deep down a voice kept egging you on to still be hopeful. Did it help you ! I’m sure . If you sit quietly with your thoughts . You will realise, it’s happened more than once .

Be Hopeful at all times.

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

Get ready for the weekend.Have a Rocking weekend 😊

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