Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dawn of Positivity!


Dawned a bit cloudy! Yet beautiful!

It’s truly a beautiful morning. Serene and calm.


Hopefully a beautiful start to the week!

Let’s keep our faith and spirits together!

“ Joy to all”!

Let’s affirm together! I started my day with beautiful, positive affirmations in my yoga class!

I feel a lot of positivity already enveloping me!!

Have a lovely morning!! 

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mountain Sojourn

 Lyra woke up in a lazy mood. She just wanted the day to unfold any which way it liked. She sat on her deck , basking in the morning sunlight. She was lost in her thoughts enjoying the quiet morning and her coffee. She didn’t go for her morning run. She felt her body screaming for a break . She indulged it. 

Just then her phone rang . It was Nikos. She answered on the fourth ring. 

He said in a deep husky voice” Good Morning Carino”!

It was the name , he used for her. Suddenly a lot of memories came back , taking her in its tide.

She answered back “ Good Morning “!

“ Get ready! We are going to our favourite mountain shack for lunch! On the way back we’ll drop in and meet Mama Ores!!

Instantly a beaming smile , decorated Lyra’s face. She was their nanny , who they both loved dearly!

The mountain shack owned by  Alexoes , was their favourite place. 

Lyra got dressed in her comfortable slacks and a baby pink loose shirt. She sported her sneakers and cap. Shielding her eyes with her sunglasses. 

She was excited.

The drive was beautiful. Niklos , was the perfect companion and friend . They both discussed their work , so much catching up to do.

The food was delicious and excellent as ever. They lazed around coffee. 

Then paid a visit to their favourite person. She was so happy to see them together. Wishing in her hearts of hearts to see them joined eternally together!!

The day was beautiful. Lyra had not relaxed , like this, in a long time. Over the years, she had worked herself as a robot. Taking all the responsibilities on her young shoulders! She thought to herself. She should start listening to herself!

Nikos tapped her playfully on her shoulder and said” Penny for your thoughts”

She turned back and gave a genuine smile . “ Thank you Niklos” !

After a long time! I have relaxed like this!

Niklos took her to a beautiful filgiree, quaint little gold shop tucked in the mountainside.

Lyra fell in love with a beautiful circlet ring of flowers. Made by beaten gold.

Niklos insisted and bought for her.

Lyra was reluctant to take it from him. But Niklos insisted.

Finally they reached around 6. 

They had some time to rest , before dinner.

Niklos hugged her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Till we meet again”!!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Basket Of Flowers

 Imagine! Waking up! Opening your door and finding a beautiful basket of blossoming buds by your door! Wishing you the best for the day ahead! What a joyous and fragrant sight it would be! Indeed!

Of course for me! It would have to be my steaming, piping hot mug of coffee ☕️ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜€too. Without which I’m totally lost!

Just envisage blessings in the form of a beautiful basket left by the creator for you! Just you! Each Morning!

What would you do with it?

Would you let the word of yesterday take up too much of today!

Will you make a beautiful start to a fresh new day!!


Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Have a fragrant day Ahead!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lyra’s Dinner Interlude

 Lyra had a beautiful day. After a long time she had felt free. Light hearted and light spirited! Could it be, because if Nikos? Whispered her naughty , treacherous heart ❤️ ๐Ÿ˜‰ winking! Lyra settled her mother and went to take a short nap. She woke up refreshed . She had to get ready for the dinner. She had decided to wear a Peachy Pink floaty, dress ! Keeping in mind the humidity! It was stifling at times! 

She took a long soak in her tub. Relaxing with her soft , favourite music. She came out in time to get her mother ready . She sent her with her cousin to the main house! 

She went to get ready. She did her make up carefully . She was sporting a nice tan already . Lending it’s golden , burnished hue to her glowing skin. She wore dainty Pearl drops , chain and bracelet to complete the outfit. It matched well with her lace trimming on her dress.

Just as she was taking her bag. The doorbell rang!

She went to answer it. It was Nikos! Looking breath takingly handsome in his tuxedo!!

He stood with a bouquet of orchids. He knew they were her favourite. She instantly smiled. “ I take it! It’s a friendly gesture! Nothing more to it ! Right!

Nikos answered “ Yes! Maybe just to show my appreciation for the truce between us”!

She smiled and went to put it in her favourite crystal vase!

Just as she was turning to go. Nikos halted her. He asked her” May I”?

She looked baffled!

He plucked an orchid and tucked it neher ear.

She looked more beautiful. The sensation of his fingers on her ear  , sent a jolt through her.

They walked in companionable silence to the main house.

The dinner guests were all in a jovial mood. The band was belting out beautiful numbers!

Nikos and Lyra danced on quite a few together.

The night went on in full gaiety!

Her grandfather was watching Lyra and Nikos closely!

Laughing to himself!


 Every Morning!

Wake up with this belief , that the day is going to bring joy and positivity! After that envisage it and send it out into the universe. The universe will smile along with you and make it happen!

The power of believing!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!!

Stay blessed๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, January 22, 2021

The day my life changed!

 It was a bright sunny day. Alas! Who knew for me, it would bring a harrowing sadness and darken my life for few years . This day , I lost my dad , 36 years ago.

He left just like any other day but never returned. My life also never felt the same. A deep void , a chasm which still remains open. Life did go on . In the requisite of life’s check list , all were ticked. But somewhere that emptiness of his still stays empty . We miss him dearly, every single moment. Yet! Life goes on . 

Yes life does go on. That’s how the creator wants us to be. But deep down, you always feel the miss.

Today I remember him again fondly. His memories stay with us and take us ahead in our journey.

I know you watch over me๐Ÿ˜Š. 

A heavenly star in the sky of the creator. My dad, rests there, and lovingly watches me from there.

Just a heartfelt tribute to my dad’s memories!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Raabta -E -Rab


Lunch at the Beach House

 This was an event looked forward by the entire family . It was a totally fun filled afternoon. A game thrown in, karaoke ๐ŸŽค, dancing, outdoor games. The family usually enjoyed it after a formal event. Everyone wearing their festive best. A special bbq team was called in . New Mocktails were introduced! It was fun all the way!

Lyra came dressed in her sunny best. Wearing a beautiful float sunny yellow spaghetti strap top with her knee length white capris and a straw hat. She looked straight out from a magazine cover. She was in the mood for outdoor games . There was a lot of excitement! Peals of laughter, songs being belted out , some made up as they sang along . Lyra’s Mother was enjoying herself too. Her grandfather looked the happiest.

Nikos was watching Lyra discreetly. He could see that her guard was down. 

Lyra went to rest in the shade a bit. Flushed and rosy cheeked . She took her icy mint mocha and rested a bit on the lounge. Nikos cane and rested on the next one by her side.

He asked” Hi ! 

She replied “ Hi!

He joked “ Hope you won’t bite”!

She laughed . “ No ! I won’t”!

Say what you want to. 

He cleared his throat” Lyra let’s give each other a chance again”!

Let’s start with becoming friends . No pressure.

Just friends”

Lyra took a while in answering.

Then finally conceded” okay! Just Friends!

Nikos wanted to jump and shout with joy. Atleast he had managed to find his footing with her. It was the first step.

He was confident , he would melt her as he went along.

Nikos didn’t leave her side after that. They played beach hand ball. Danced a bit . Sang a duet together.

She looked happy.

Her grandfather was watching them from a distance . He was happy with Nikos. Looks like there would be a grand wedding in the family soon. He better get the silver ware polished! He thought with a smile!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


“ Vagabond “ is one of my favourite poems. I always felt , it teaches the life’s best lesson in a beautiful way. “ Learn to be satisfied and Thankful at all times”. 

The Joy and pleasure in his living because he had nothing to worry about. No possessions, nothing to call his own, except the shirt on his back . A bare living of sorts.

My own take on this:

I sat with him

And felt immense joy!

We shared a meal

And laughed a little 

Not a worry 

To crease my forehead

Not a line to mar 

The finery of my face!!

He taught me the meaning 

Of true joy and happiness!!

It was the most satisfying meal

I had ever shared!

Our nature to be attached to our worldly possessions is the most important one to let go. Not let anything get attached to you and you don’t let possessions have the power over you!

I always love the line about vagabond, summarising in my own explanation. I have nothing to worry about because I have nothing to lose. Nothing to worry about. Just love Day to day without any worry creasing . 

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Stay blessed always!!

Seasons and Her


Lyra’s Frustration

 Lyra woke up a bit grumpy. It was still early . She decided to go for a jog on the beach . After jogging , she sat on the beach for sometime. Savouring the silence and solitude. She had closed her eyes in meditative silence. She felt a slight movement , next to her. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Niko’s grey. She instantly turned and made herself to get up. Nikos held her hand and forced her to sit. She was no match for his 6 plus coiled strength. She conceded . Reluctantly! 

Nikos cleared his throat” I didn’t expect to find  you here so early”!

Lyra replied” Why?

She was in a bad mood . She hadn’t slept well at all last night. Now to meet Nikos , of all the people.

Nikos could make out her irritation.

He replied” You seem to be in a bad mood”!

Lyra quickly got up and replied” yes! I didn’t sleep well”!

Nikos laughed. He sprung and started walking next to Lyra.

He said” So I did make an impact! Is it?

Lyra looked at him with her stormy brown” No ! Not at all!

By then she had reached the villa!

He called out to her” See you at Lunch”!

Lyra muttered under her breath” Not if I had a choice”!

Poem Prompt


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A new Dawn

 A lot of posts have been written about Dawn. I always believe, a new Dawn, is brought to us, to forget the woes of yesterday. A fresh new perspective to a beautiful new day. A new beginning of sorts. 

Let the shadows of yesterday just be a shadowed past. Do not let it take away the brilliance of today.

There is no eye that has not wept,

No heart ! Which has not known sorrow!

Each has been given a share of pain.

How well we come out of it , is what is the real test! Let it fortify you like a pillar! A strong foundation! Let it take you through the paths of life with an immense, immeasurable strength. That is akin to you .

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Stay Blessed!!

Dinner Dialogue

 Lyra looked etheral in a glory cream lace dress . Perfect for the stifling warmth . She kept her make up light . Already feeling hot . She wore lovely pearl and coral drops and bracelet to accentuate the outfit .she had left her hair in a loose ,tumbling flow  of soft curls. Her soft golden gladiators completed her outfit to perfection. She looked just simply beautiful. Of course ! She didn’t realise that.

They came to the main villa . Her mother looked a little better. Surrounded in the midst of loving  relations. Lyra was immediately seeked by all her cousins . She was their favourite. Her cousin sang beautifully. Out in the garden , the dinner arrangements were made . She belted out beautiful numbers. Today it was just the family . The formal annual dinner was after 2 days . But just the family also comprised of nearly 100. Lyra always looked forward to this event . She was sitting by herself near the gazebo with her favourite dessert. Just enjoying the calm and solitude for sometime. All by herself. Lost!

“ Hi Lyra” !

She turned around and greeted him.

He continued” where were you today?” I didn’t see you at lunch”!

She replied” Don’t tell me that you were missing me”! Which is very unlike you”


He gave a resigned sigh” will you never let the past go . Why can’t we get back again”!

Lyra’s eyes shone with angry brilliance “ Let it go! Don’t you remember that night”

“ you had promised to marry me “! And the next thing I know!.

She stopped there.

He caught hold of her hand .

Lyra snatched it and walked away .

He quietly followed her . Lost in thought.

The party continued till the wee hours . Countless rounds of coffee had successfully finished. 

Her mother had gone to sleep long ago.

Lyra changed and fell into bed . But he kept haunting her dreams!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

A pleasant evening

A beautiful evening resplendent with cappuccino and lovely company . A pleasant evening under the stars , under the moonlight. Solitude and Serenity ! Engulfed in its embrace . A surreal feeling. An evening to remember!!
Under the trail of stars!
You beckon me in your midst!!
Enthralling me in your brilliance!
Cappuccino keeps me lost
In its taste!!

Nothing like a beautiful evening under the stars. Spent in the lovely company of friends!
The pleasures of life!
This makes you feel, truly how little we need to keep ourselves ๐Ÿ˜Š. One lesson which the Pandemic truly taught me and well. My heart beats for the little pleasures in life and I’m happy in their midst .
Good Morning beautiful souls!!!
Have a lovely week ahead๐Ÿ˜Š

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A heartfelt Gratitude Note

 Today ,I would just like to immensely thank each one of you . Thank you for immensely supporting me in my blogging journey and my poetry page.  I have reached the 1000 k Mark and feel blessed. My Poetic journey keeps moving ahead. 

I know 2020 has been a rough year , in many ways . For me it has been a year of hidden blessing too. My blog took shape and my poetry page also has reached a mark. 

I only aspire to write and would like more people to read my thoughts . Just my heartfelt thoughts penned straight on to the paper. 

 Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Stay blessed beautiful souls ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lyra’s Sunny Demeanour

 Lyra woke up in a jubilant mood . This week all her cousins were gathering at the huge Greek Villa . In truth , it was a huge property of her grandfather’s, where all of them were given a villa . Their grandparents had the biggest one, where they hosted the reunion dinner . It was an annual event . Not missed by anyone in the family . Everyone scheduled their calendars around it . Do or die , everyone had to be there . Her grandfather, still the patriarch of the family. Ruled with an iron fist . Luckily, Lyra was his favourite. She was given a little lax. Many told her , in some ways , she was very close to him in nature. 

Lyra always looked forward to this week of relaxation. Her favourite cousin, would come from London for this . She got her outfits designed by her designer friend. Two events hosted by her grandparents, would have all the Elite and formal dinners. It was exciting every year .

She had driven her mother and settled her in the villa . She went out for a short walk on the beach. Was sitting , watching the sunset. Her cousins were still rolling in . Some settling in , some getting refreshed for the evening dinner . She wanted some quiet moments to herself. 

Suddenly she heard footfalls behind her . A husky voice , called out, she knew very well who it was. Her heart always would start beating erratically. Why couldn’t she let all this die! Why?

“ Hi Lyra! 

She turned back and greeted him” Hi Nikos”!

He smiled and said “ Another year! Still the same”!

She retorted” you too”!

He said “ will there ever be a truce between us”!

She said “ Isn’t this a truce ! Nikos”

He loved the way , she rolled his name before calling out . 

He still could not melt her . When will she come back to him again.

He continued “ I still don’t see a ring on your finger “!

She pointedly, looked at his and replied “Neither on yours”!

He came forward and said “ You know my answer”!

She got up and brushed the sand from her long skirt.

She said “ Nikos you know my answer”!

She started walking towards the villa .

“ See you over dinner”

He quietly whispered” Lyra ! I will melt you!

It’s my promise!

He walked away towards his villa.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Love Et Al

 The universe stood wondering! pondering!

How do I always keep it going? What is one thing , which will always found in every heart . Somewhere tucked away , even in a broken , despaired heart. He found “ Love” shining tall and elegant! Smiling brilliantly!

So that’s how love always offered to be around . The joining of all the broken to its whole. The essence of soul life . Every relationship rests on it . The pillar of it all. Humanity needs it, 

Compassion needs it , kindness needs it . 

If you want to encompass all in your midst. Then love has to be embraced to. The power of giving and receiving, will only be realised, if you have love at the crux of it.

Believe in the power of giving. Receiving will just happen. Universe keeps watching and is always listening to the whispers of your heart.

Let your heart keep whispering! You never know , what the universe is going to hear๐Ÿ˜Š. 

Good Morning beautiful souls . Have a blessed day ahead๐Ÿ˜Š

Monday, January 11, 2021

Lyra’s Sunny Shack

 Lyra was a woman of 30. Built strong by the test of time . Life did not give her a choice , just dictated  terms . She carried out all. Then some inner strength made her strike out at life . That’s when she discovered her hidden inner strength. Her fortitude and Resilience to fight what lay ahead . She had lost her dad at a young age . She had to support her family through life . A family owned business of shacks , set up by her dad and uncles was being run by her in Santorini . Her uncles were busy with their shipping businesses. Hecousins had to travel for work . She kept hold on to her business  here . Her siblings helped her but they were both pursuing their masters . 

Her mother did not keep too well. She had to be taken care of too. Lyra’s typical day started at dawn with either her favourite yoga class or a run on the beach . She sat with her coffee , newspaper and her quiet thoughts for sometime. Then it was a roller coaster ride. Whole day she used to up and about. Busy organising and looking into the minutest details .  Her day used to end late. Some quiet moments again with herself. 

Her relaxation was on the weekend with her besties . She would take out time for herself. Her life just moving on . She would try doing a bit of her social work too as and when she got time . Over the years , she had given so much of herself to others. She wondered , if she had anything left for herself. 

Always busy looking after others . In her quiet moments , some shadows would come into her eyes, marring the twinkle, which she carried so effortlessly. Shadowed in pain . But her smile would quickly come back , just as it had disappeared for sometime. 


Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sunday Disaster

 Zoey woke up all excited. She was ready with her orders for the day . She was a passionate baker . Her two besties were meeting up with her later on in the day . She was purely excited because they were meeting after a month . Her orders were also all planned . 

Yet Disaster was waiting quietly in the corner to strike!

She was baking her first batch of cupcakes , when there was a loud bang outside her cottage. The transformer had just caught fire . There was a lot of confusion. With the generator back up , she managed to complete the batch . 

Then the diesel in her generator , also finished . She wanted to cry . She went to her neighbor , planning to borrow some diesel for the generator . The neighbor also came up with an empty can . She came back to the cottage and realised, she wasn’t carrying her house key . She was locked out . Meanwhile her friend came to her help by reviving the generator . She managed to make her lemon meringue pie . 

Finally she went in for a long soak in the tub . She was excited to meet her besties . She came out of her bath , hoping to get ready in time .    She had barely manage to iron her clothes, when there was a complete black out . Then quickly she got dressed . She went down and packed her cakes . She had just finished . When the first person was here to take the order.  She had just finished delivering it , when the second person was here for delivery . 

Suddenly as she was sitting in the car , she got a frantic call from the first client “ Mam you have given Lemon Meringue Pie” ! We had ordered for cupcakes. She wanted to scream loudly . Just then she got the second call . It took her another hour to sort out the confusion. 

She was already late for dinner. They relaxed together finally . Enjoying the evening with their favourite food , mock tails and her yummy desserts . 

All’s well that ends well!!

What a Sunday it was!!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Blessed Friday

 A beautiful Friday morning emerges, bright and cheerful. Friday incidentally has always been my favourite day of the week ๐Ÿ˜. Reason being , the start of the weekend. I always looked forward to it. 

Today , I started writing my poetry. The word chosen by my inner me, Spontaneously was” Hope”. So I decided to write something about it from my own experiences.

Hope was one thing, which always kept me going. The hope of a better tomorrow and a better everything. Hope instantly makes the believer that there are better , beautiful, golden opportunities lined up for you .

Always keep hope strong within you .

Practice a small token of appreciation and gratitude for Friday. Mentally List out or if you have a gratitude journal , diary or whatever, something this week which you have been immensely grateful for . You had almost no hope of realising it . But deep down a voice kept egging you on to still be hopeful. Did it help you ! I’m sure . If you sit quietly with your thoughts . You will realise, it’s happened more than once .

Be Hopeful at all times.

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

Get ready for the weekend.Have a Rocking weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Misty Morning

 This morning was a beautiful misty silhouette! Dewy, Misty and Rainy. The sun also was absent today. Think it needed a break too from shining brightly . But the day was still beautiful. I sat in solitude! Enjoying some quiet moments with my coffee and just my thoughts.

I felt a deep peaceful bliss within, thinking aloud to myself. Even without the Sun today there was still beauty around .

Similarly when life throws various challenges in your path, if you look around carefully, there will still be something to be thankful for . 

Once we realise this treasure, you will always be greatful and happy . Always believe in the power of hidden blessings!! 

Never grieve for something that has been taken away from you . It will be replaced with something more beneficial for you . 

The power of believing ! 

Always keep it going strong . You never be disappointed.

Keep the faith .

Stay blessed wonderful souls .

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sprinkle kindness

 Every morning start the day with a heartfelt smile . Dust the woes of yesterday. Look forward to what the day brings to you.

Make sure you try practising one act of kindness. Could be in just listening to someone’s sorrows. Lighting up someone’s life by planting a smile on their face. Just doing something for someone selflessly. 

The Joy left in its wake is immense . Today a fellow poet asked me just to help their account grow . The Joy of helping them filled my whole being. 

Leave your imprint in the sands of life , only in the ink of kindness. 

Only what you have left on people’s hearts truly matters in the end . 

We are all travelers , traveling together in the journey of life. If we can help each other out till we reach our final destination, that’s what matters in the end . 

Sprinkle a little kindness. Leave the stardust of soulful thoughts in the universe!!

Lighting and Glistening each one’s path!!!

Good Morning beautiful , Sparkling ✨ souls!! Twinkle your stardust , wherever you go!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜Š

Monday, January 4, 2021


 “ We are all rare, and one of a kind”

Never forget this.

Only our paths have been designed differently. Sometimes, I feel it’s done, so that we all don’t get bored.

We have something different to speak over coffee and meals , when we meet our closed ones. That was on a lighter thread.

Today , I came across this line” Remember a kind , gentlest pair of eyes is always watching you”!

Such a beautiful line. So true. There is always someone there for you in life. Your friends, human stars, human angels and some kind , beautiful souls.

I have always found them, when I always felt alone . From out of nowhere, these souls used to make my next lap of journey easier . I would immediately know, who’s sent them.

I would look up , smile and mouth a heartfelt “ Thank you”. I know you love me, so you keep me covered at all times. Least when I expect it.

Good Morning beautiful souls!! Enjoy the day!

Let’s inspire to practice just simple gratitude.

Acknowledge someone who’s done a lot for you or even if they have done just one act of kindness . 

A mental gratitude Journal!!

Spread positivity , cheer and leave your smile, for the despaired souls .

Sunday, January 3, 2021


“ Mistakes make us stronger, and refined”!

This line really made me ponder! Incidentally! Coined by me.

Each one of us , goes through a series of them. Trials and tribulations are another form of it. 

Never detest them. I know it’s very hard , when we are at the crux of it. Sometimes it almost completely breaks you. But when you emerge out of it, what strength envelopes you? Have you ever thought of it. 

I always believe , life and mistakes are the best taught lessons. They drive home the lesson deeper and stronger.

As I journey the path of life deeper, deeper into the woods , I traveled, learning new lessons a day . My smile I paste it and the twinkle in my eye gets brighter! O’ dear life ! Let’s travel to unknown paths together! Hand in Hand !

Move ahead with your strength. Like I always say in  a population of 7 billion, there can be so many , who will love you selflessly, who will love your smile and in the end will just love and respect you , as you are.

No filters!  True! Unadulterated you!

Move ahead with this belief !

Stay blessed beautiful souls!!

Don’t forget to wear your sun kissed smile always ๐Ÿ˜Š

Saturday, January 2, 2021

People and their attitudes

 There are only two true emotions in the world . Two sides. The yin and yang! Either they love you with all your shortcomings and flaws and accept you wholeheartedly just as you are. There are others , no matter how good you are , can never see anything good in you. They will only list out various flaws and shortcomings of yours. Criticise you to no end . 

This is what it all boils down in the end . Now what you choose to focus on , remains entirely on you . Will you allow these kind of people to affect you for the rest of your life or will you focus on the ones who appreciate you and love you despite of all your flaws.

You might have 10 loving you and 2 criticising you . Where should your focus rest? You cannot make everyone love you and you cannot make anyone dislike you . It all stems from them . It has nothing to do with you .

It took me years of tears , sorrow and my own ritual of grief to understand this . Believe me! Once you understand this and does not let it affect you , you will always emerge a positive winner in the race of life.

I have learnt not to focus on it and honour it. I rather appreciate and honour the ones who love me selflessly . If you have few of those kind , loving souls , your journey will be smooth and fruitful.

At the end of the day , all has to be left behind in this transitional journey . 

Once down 6 feet , every relation anyway ceases . So is it worthwhile to bother about those negative souls .

Take your pick.

Stay blessed. Stay safe๐Ÿ˜Š

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